Boise Bargain Basket closes, Idaho Youth Ranch takes its place

The Boise Bargain Basket grocery store and coffee shop closed a couple months ago at 2141 S. Broadway Ave.

An Idaho Youth Ranch thrift store is planned for the space.

According to permits filed Friday with the city of Boise, it will cost about $20,000 to remodel the building for the Idaho Youth Ranch store.

Discounted groceries would SEEM a good idea...

but it's rarely thought through and tends to collapse quickly.

IYR has a great business strategy and ought to florish.


You fry wants with that?

The inconsistency of the

The inconsistency of the merchandise (i.e. brands) is one problem. They should call these stores the Mystery Basket, because you never know what you will find on their shelves from one week to the next, and the prices aren't always a bargain. In the case of the BBB, other businesses have not lasted long at that location (i.e. the used furniture and consignment store that moved to Garden City), and I think it is because the rent is too darn high. I'm looking forward to having the IYR in our neighborhood, and hope they can thrive there.

These grocers are in no way meant to be a brand store...

Salvage grocers take in lots of merchandise that has acceptable, safe packaging faults and dings, overstocks and clearances for stores changing brands, lines or going out of business.

Grocery Outlet buys in large lots. regularly buys from larger and more well known companies-often directly and usually can contract far enough ahead to offer seasonal and regular end of retail shelf lifecycle products that can be guaranteed for safety, wholesomeness and quality. To complete a full service store experience they buy dairy, produce, bread, meats, spices/seasonings, animal food and and hardlines and health/beauty products and maintain coolers and freezers to be as close to a large company like Albertsons or Winco as they can, with a lower pricing point.

GO prices are not really as good of a bargain as many's more like a bargain convenience store but the fact that in many cases GO stores are owned and operated by families and not leased tend to indicate just why they thrive and the smaller ones fail almost certainly. They own the property they sell on.

Here's a big hint: Many of these salvage stores get their product from the same distributor (at least the ones I knew), in Portland I think it was. There are flaws that can be hard to overcome. Rents can strip all the benefits of operating these stores and when supplies are hard to find the anchor often drags them in a downward spiral.


You fry wants with that?

Discount/salvage grocers

Do you know of any others besides Grocery Outlet that are still operating in the Valley? I could've sworn I saw an Aldi several months back, but they don't have any locations listed for Boise area.

Other than the small one near the old Safeway in Payette?

I don't have a car, sorry. I haven't been to Boise since my dad's services.


You fry wants with that?