Changing of the guard: A second Idaho GOP official to step aside

One of the first jobs for the Idaho Republican Party's next chairman will be to name a second-in-command.

Jonathan Parker, the Idaho Republican Party's executive director, is stepping down in June. Parker will join the Boise law firm Holland and Hart. Parker is not an attorney, and will not provide legal counsel; he will instead work in "government affairs services" for the firm.

State chairman Norm Semanko also is stepping down after the GOP convention in June.

Here is the GOP news release:

Jonathan Parker, executive director of the Idaho Republican Party has accepted a position with the law firm of Holland & Hart LLP in Boise, where he will provide government affairs services. Parker will make the transition following the Idaho Republican Party's state convention, which will be held in Twin Falls from June 21-23.

"Jonathan Parker has done an outstanding job in service to the Idaho Republican Party and is largely responsible for the success that we have enjoyed. We wish him well and have no doubt that he will excel in his future endeavors," said Idaho GOP Chairman Norm Semanko, who named Parker to the position in January 2009.

Previous to his time at the State GOP, Parker served as a congressional office district director, ran several high-profile campaigns, and worked as a lobbyist for various interests.

“It has been an honor to work with the wonderful people of the Idaho Republican Party,” stated Jonathan Parker. Parker continued, “The past three and a half years have been some of the most exciting years of my life, highlighted by the record 2010 elections and first-ever Idaho Republican Presidential Caucus, and I am grateful to Chairman Semanko and the executive committee for giving me the opportunity to serve the Idaho Republican Party.”

After the state convention, it will be the newly elected chairman's duty to appoint a new executive director, in consultation with the Party's statewide executive committee.

"The strength of our party — the grassroots, rank-and-file Republicans in every corner of the state — will continue to carry us forward as we welcome new leadership at State Party headquarters. The Idaho GOP is well-positioned to help elect our candidates’ statewide and increase our already strong majorities," Semanko concluded.

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you've got to wonder, if things are going so well for the GOP, what is causing so many of them to bail now. They're smart men- what are they expecting?


More money.
Do an inquiry of how much local and state govt agencies pay Holland & Hart.

past. present. and future. See any connections?

Whats that smell?

Since he doesn't have a law degree it seems his job will be to schmooze people.

Otherwise known as a...



I don't think it is just more money that is leading them to is a difference in ideology as well.
Then there is the closed Primary which even torked R's - not too mention the state forced rape bill.
I would suspect that the fact the Idaho Dems raised more money than Idaho Republicans this Primary season probably plays into these resignations.


is up to his eyeballs in kitty litter. Clean out the house before anyone actually forces the issue of whats legal, kosher, and not jail worthy. The state GOP could care less, they are as dirty as it gets in ID, but sooner or later someone is gonna come to Semanko to collect a payday loan via the court again and well, ya know...