Ebo Makinde, Dallas Burroughs run fastest 40-yard dashes for Boise State football team; Bronco Stadium expansion update

By Chadd Cripe
© 2012 Idaho Statesman

Boise State junior cornerback Ebo Makinde and sophomore wide receiver Dallas Burroughs each ran the 40-yard dash in a blazing 4.28 seconds during the Broncos’ spring testing on May 1.

Boise State provided the top five scores in each of seven tests. Top performers included senior defensive tackle Michael Atkinson (first in hang clean, first in back squat, second in bench press), Makinde (tied for first in 40, second in three cone, second in pro agility, first in vertical jump), senior cornerback Jamar Taylor (first in three cone and pro agility, third in 40), junior wide receiver Aaron Burks (fourth in 40, third in pro agility, tied for second in vertical) and junior offensive tackle Charles Leno Jr. (second in hang clean, second in back squat).

Here are the top fives:

40-yard dash

1. CB Ebo Makinde, 4.28 seconds
1. WR Dallas Burroughs, 4.28
3. CB Jamar Taylor, 4.33
4. WR Aaron Burks, 4.36
5. N Hilton Richardson, 4.37

Three-cone drill

1. CB Jamar Taylor, 6.37 seconds
2. CB Ebo Makinde, 6.45
3. WR Chris Potter, 6.48
4. WR Troy Ware, 6.53
5. WR Dallas Burroughs, 6.56

Pro agility
1. CB Jamar Taylor, 3.82 seconds
2. CB Ebo Makinde, 3.91
3. WR Aaron Burks, 3.94
4. WR Chris Potter, 3.97
5. WR Kirby Moore, 3.99

Bench press
1. FB Dan Paul, 405 pounds
2. DT Michael Atkinson, 395
3. LB Blake Renaud, 385
4. OL Spencer Gerke, 380
5. DE Beau Martin, 375

Hang clean
1. DT Michael Atkinson, 380 pounds
2. OL Charles Leno Jr., 352
3. OL Matt Paradis, 338
4. DT Ricky Tjong-A-Tjoe, 328
5. S Dillon Lukehart, 323

Back squat
1. DT Michael Atkinson, 575 pounds
2. OL Charles Leno Jr., 550
3. RB Drew Wright, 515
3. DE Beau Martin, 515
5. DL David Cushing, 510

Vertical jump
1. CB Ebo Makinde, 39.5 inches
2. CB Eric Agbaroji, 38.5
2. S Lee Hightower, 38.5
2. WR Aaron Burks, 38.5
5. N Jonathan Brown, 37


A market research firm told the San Diego Union-Tribune that the Big East TV deal likely will generate $7.8 million for football members like Boise State and San Diego State. The firm concluded that Boise State adds about $500,000 per school in value to the TV contract.

Here is the full story.


Former Boise Junior College player Bryant Lemon and his family have donated $1 million to the new Boise State football complex that opens next year. The money goes toward the recruiting lounge, which will be called the Bryant Lemon Recruiting Lounge.

Lemon, a native of Boise, played for former Broncos football coach and athletic director Lyle Smith in 1953 and 1954, helping Boise Junior College to a two-year record of 17-1-1.

Lemon is the founder, chairman and CEO of BRYCON Corp. in Rio Rancho, N.M. The company is an industrial contractor.

“He has watched the growth and development of the program for many years," BRYCON president Bill Lemon said in a press release. "It is with great pleasure we are able to support the future advancement of Boise State and its athletic program in my dad’s name.”

The football complex costs $22 million. Boise State has generated $6 million in donations and $5 million in pledges.


I stopped by Bronco Stadium today to check out the expansion progress. The height of the south end zone bleachers is impressive. The video board in the north end zone has been raised to make up for the added height of the north bleachers, which haven’t been constructed yet. Permanent posts have been placed in each end zone for the Allstate field-goal nets. Fans in the upper portions of the lower grandstands won't be able to see the raised video board, so they will have TV monitors in their areas for replays.

ImageI attached a couple photos taken from my phone.


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See any big fancy new speakers being installed?

Critical need IMO.

Please improve the sound quality

I second the motion...with all the stadium improvements...loose the annoying Ad boards on the second level and improve the sound system.

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some pretty impressive times and weights lifted. Ebo and Dallas in the 4.2 range in the 40 with Jamar Taylor leading the drills, and Canadian Bacon throwing around some serious weight. Plus, there were a lot of guys close behind which bodes well for the team as a whole. I just hope that our strength and conditioning coach isn't the next assistant to be stolen away. Give that guy a raise, he's earned it!

Seems to me...

We have a pair of stud CBs returning.


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Another exciting Bronco football story. I bet this gets the fans just all excited!

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Other Stats And News.

What was not reported:

Michael Atkinson lifts a whole cow and eats it.

Ebo Makinde was pulled over on I-84 near Twin Falls, when Speeding without a car and was advised next time get a car before somebody gets hurt. He was wearing his Nike shoes and not in Oregon, or otherwise he would have not been stopped in the first place. Dallas Burroughs was not cited as he was running with Ebo. On another note: Ebo tested vertically high on the meter and was given a high five by the coach and was sent on his way.

Dan Paul is asked to replace the South Bench to its former location before the Press gets wind of it.

Jamar Taylor ran off with the three cones and was asked to return them before the Ice cream melts as they were needed for scooping into the cones. He was given a power drill for his three cones, known as the Three Cone Drill.


Funny stuff.

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