Barbara Barbara gets new home on Bannock Street

Barbara Barbara, the longtime Downtown Boise women's clothing store, has moved out of its old location at 9th and Bannock streets and into a temporary space at 813 W. Bannock St.

Co-owner Barbara Krogh says some shoppers are surprised to learn they didn't close, they just moved down the block. Their permanent location — now in the remodeling phase — will be two doors down, at 807 W. Bannock St., which used to house the Gibson & Lane boutique.

The move from their previous home made room for 10 Barrell Brewing to open this summer.

This prompts a question: Is Downtown Boise retail picking up? What do you think?

(To learn more, Business Insider recently took an in-depth look at Downtown Boise shopping and dining.)

is she going to have a sunnier attitude too?

I quit shopping there years ago due to the owner's rudeness the one time I couldn't find anything I liked. I spent hundreds there on previous trips, but when I left and said thank you, she couldn't have been more sarcastic!

My comment on not sufficiently notifying clientele was right.

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PS "Recently" was November 30 which was six months ago...nearly archival.


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Good point about "recently"

Of course you can comment all you want. Dialogue is good! But I will delete comments that personally attack other commenters or that are unrelated to the post.

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You cited it yet did not act as you would claim to. I must call your bluff.


You fry wants with that?