Polygamy-themed vodka? Not in Idaho. Here's more on the ban.

Five Wives Vodka created a stir today, after its Utah maker announced Idaho won't carry it in state-run stores.

The state's liquor regulators determined that Five Wives Vodka — and its label showing a row of women with cats held in their genital area — is "offensive to a prominent segment of our population and will not be carried."

Jeff Anderson, who heads the state's liquor division, told the Statesman that the division gets pitches for upwards of 500 products a year. It takes maybe 150 of them, he said. The vodka in the controversial bottle "doesn't have a unique flavor profile ... it's quite average," Anderson said.

But the label was the tie-breaker, he said.

Anderson said the division found the label and its "strategically placed" cats in the illustration "offensive to women and people of the LDS faith."

The supplier hasn't tried to appeal the decision, Anderson said. "We're being called all kinds of names today, but at the end of the day" it's a business decision, he said.

Ogden's Own Distillery is making hay of the situation. Click here to see t-shirts that simultaneously protest and advertise the ban.

Want to see the vodka label? Click here.

Haven't they got the time to make better vodka and labels?


You fry wants with that?

State Employee Bows Down to Church?

What ever happened to separation of church and state? Seems to me the booze boss has stepped WAY over the line. I'm sure this violates the state constitution.

Some people are allowed to break the laws of our state. Just ask John McGee who got away with GRAND THEFT AUTO! Or Dave Case who seems to have gotten away with ILLEGALLY RUNNING FOR OFFICE! Or the operators Les Bois Park who ILLEGALLY BRAODCAST GREYHOUND RACES FIVE DAYS A WEEK! But if you or I do something wrong? Yeah, you get the picture!

But that's just MY opinion, I could be wrong.

You're so freaking wrong it boils pus by telekinesis

Lay off Les Bois, your conspiracy has no spire.


You fry wants with that?


i'm thinking that the lds that buy the vodka don't have a problem with the name and the lds that don't buy it usually have a problem with alchohol in general.

as for offending women i think it is the same.

people need to lighten up a little. this is funny and like it or not lds is known for polygamy no matter how hard they try and seperate from it

What a liar.

If it is just a business decision, then why state it is offensive to mormons?

Why would ANY consideration at all be given to mormons re: alcohol sales?

This is beyond ridiculous.

LDS in Liquor store?

What are the LDS doing in liquor store's, ahh wait IDAHO is run by a majority LDS goverment. Why do you take 2 mormons, fishing so they wont drink your beer. Good thing you can go to Oregon and by it there.

Idaho more mormon than utah?

If you went to their website you would have noticed that five wives is carried in the Utah state run liquor stores.

I thought Mormons didn't

I thought Mormons didn't drink alcohol, so how can this be offensive to Mormons.
It's about time we take the liquor sales away from the State.
Why should the State of Idaho continue to dispense alcohol if they are going to make decisions based on how Mormons would feel about it.
Jeff Anderson, you sir, are a twit.

I wonder....

Do those of you who support gay marriage also support plural marriage?

You mean like 5 gays or lesbians with a thing against tomcats?

Do they farm?


You fry wants with that?

A bunch of hippo-