Bad kitties: Mountain lions kill wolves in Montana

I didn't see this coming, but that's what's cool about being a wildlife observer. I always figured in a dog vs. cat fight, the dog would win, but I'm always learning something. Twice mountain lions have killed radio collared wolves in the Bitterroot Valley. How often does this happen? No one knows. But it's an interesting twist in the wolf reintroduction world. Love them or hate them, big predators are fascinating animals. Get the full story HERE.

Whose pillow do mountain

Whose pillow do mountain lions leave their kills on?

ha ha

catwoman vs wolfman

I like the adjacent story about blasting trees insted of cutting them.

Do I have to pick a favorite? GODZILLA WINS


You fry wants with that?

No surprise.

You wouldn't be surprised either if you've ever had even a tabby cat angry with you. They fight dirty!

No doubt

Aren't we lucky house cats are generally so good-natured?