Wasden joins Montana in court fight over corporate cash

Idaho Attorney General Lawrence Wasden is one of 22 attorneys general who have backed up Montana AG Steve Bullock's challenge to the U.S. Supreme Court's Citizens United decision.

Montana's century-old Corrupt Practices Act, which was introduced early in the last century to check the power of copper barons, has been upheld by the state's highest court, putting it in conflict with the U.S. Supreme Court’s Citizens United decision.

The high court put the state court’s ruling on hold while it examines it. The decision will decide whether state can control corporate spending in political campaigns.

Idaho doesn’t ban direct corporate contributions to candidates. It limits contributions to $5,000 per election for statewide posts and $1,000 for legislative seats.

But if Montana loses, corporations could ignore those limits.

Interesting side note, Bullock, a Democrat, is running for governor. And he's leading the money race against Republican Rick Hill, his likely opponent.


Hey Rocko, "Attorneys General" is capitalized.

The Statesman publisher really needs to protect our young readers from reading blogs like this. Before you know it, they too will write like krap because they saw it in the "newspaper".

Why is it only Rocko gets this wrongo?

It's the news according to Rocko.

This was news 4 days ago.

Get "Corporate Cash", in a headline or your fired.

Yeah, Rock can't write, but the editor demands his left wing edge. Rock is a useful mediaserf who will please his Master. If not, the paper can get another left wing idiot, just out of community college at half the price.

The investigation of the troubled For-profit education industry?

Why didn't Attorney General Wasden join the multistate Attorneys General investigation of the troubled For-profit education industry?

K12 Corporation (SEC investigation),Apollo Group/University of Phoenix et al (the multistate attorney general investigation,the Harkins Federal investigations, the Education Trust Report Subprime, and the Frontline investigation. Google EEOC v. University of Phoenix

I believe one spokesperson for the investigation called the For-profit education industry the “new big tobacco.”

Oh well


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