Salazar touts Yankee Fork work as model for conservation

Interior Secretary Ken Salazar said rehabilitation of the Yankee Fork of the Salmon River serves as a model of his America’s Great Outdoors River Initiative.

The Yankee Fork at Sunbeam is one of 51 river projects Salazar is highlighting nationwide, to provide examples for how communities across America can restore and reconnect with the rivers in their backyards.

“Across the country, we are working hand in hand with states, tribes, local communities and other partners to revitalize our nation’s rivers and expand the opportunities for people to fish, swim, boat, and otherwise connect with the great outdoors,” Salazar said.

The Bureau of Reclamation has worked with the state, the Sho-Ban Tribes, the Bonneville Power Administration, the JR Simplot Co. and others to restore spawning habitat for endangered salmon.
In the 2012 fiscal year the partners will complete a side-channel, riparian, and wetland restoration project on the JR Simplot company property.


What planet is this from?

The BLM press release, that this post is about, is dated 5/22/12.
It says "...are creating spawning habitat for..."

A March 2012 article from The Challis Messenger says:
"The plan is to reconstruct side channels and restore stream flow through about a mile of Simplot land where the Yankee Fork Dredge left a series of fishponds."

And “These are the [FIRST] of hopefully many projects, working with the largest property owner,” Myers said, adding Simplot has been very supportive.

Did you enviros READ where it says "Simplot Company has been very supportive of the habitat restoration"?


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In 2011 year the partners completed a side-channel, riparian, and wetland restoration project on the JR Simplot company property.

What has that got to do with the topic?

Sidetracking, your government dollars at work.


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