Have your say about ATV use during hunting season

The Idaho Fish and Game Commission is in the process of revising its rules on use of motorized vehicles off road while hunting, and it is seeking public input through an Internet survey. A survey is asking participants about their experiences using OHVs while hunting, and how they feel about restrictions in some areas on the use of OHVs while hunting.

The questionnaire has been mailed to a random sample of 4,000 people who are either hunters or OHV owners in Idaho. But any interested persons can take the survey online at
HERE. The deadline is Friday, June 22.


It looks like they only want hunters to take the survey.


Fish and Game can only regulate them when used by hunters during hunting season, and even that is contentious. Some in the statehouse and other state agencies feel F&G should have no authority to regulate ATV/OHV use for any reason.

ATV Hunt controversy

I have been following the ATV hunting discussion for a while. I don't hunt or use an ATV. Just figured they would want to hear from all of the people on this issue.

Get a helicopter, They have them...


You fry wants with that?