Democrat Mace qualifies for ballot to challenge Idaho Sen. Winder in November, Bothwell back on ballot

Ada County Democrats qualified two additional legislative candidates for the November general election ballot, led by James Mace, who joined the race against Senate Assistant Majority Leader Chuck Winder, R-Boise, because of Winder's sponsorship of Senate Bill 1387.

Mace, an Idaho National Guardsman, novelist and screenwriter from Meridian, received 124 valid write-in votes in last week's primary. He appeared at a rally at the Capitol in March, saying he sought to give Winder an opponent because of the bill mandating ultrasounds before any abortion could be performed in Idaho. The bill passed the Senate but died in the House after a revolt in the Republican caucus.

To qualify for the ballot, legislative candidates who fail to meet the regular filing deadline in March may file as write-ins. Fifty votes are necessary to make the November ballot.

Glida Bothwell, who qualified as a write-in in 2008 against then state-Rep. Raul Labrador, was the second Democrat to make the November ballot. Bothwell received 53 valid write-in votes. In 2008 she received 31 percent of the vote against Labrador, who now represents Idaho's 1st Congressional District. Bothwell's opponent this year is GOP Rep. Reed DeMordaunt, a freshman from Eagle.

Bothwell also is in the entertainment biz, as a screenwriter, actor, producer and props master.

In other write-in related news from the Ada County Clerk's office, Chief Deputy Clerk Phil McGrane said 34 ballots were inadvertently not counted last week. The count will occur this morning at 11. Confusion due to write-in votes left the 34 ballots overlooked.

McGrane said the additional votes will not change the outcome of any race. He said the 29-vote margin between Republicans Brad Bolicek and John Hruby could grow larger or smaller, but not enough votes were uncounted in District 18 to reverse Bolicek's win. Bolicek will face Democratic Rep. Phylis King in November.

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Congratulations James!


Thank G, the gop assault on

Thank G, the gop assault on personal lives has got to be stopped and quickly. Beyond time for CW to be ousted.