ZZ Top to perform concert in Eagle

Bearded rockers ZZ Top are headed back to the Treasure Valley. "That little ol’ band from Texas” will perform Tuesday, Aug. 21, at the Eagle River Pavilion.

ZZ Top hasn’t gigged in Idaho since 2008, which is a little bit surprising. Guitarist Billy Gibbons has a fondness for Boise — or at least guitars made in Boise.

Tickets to the 7 p.m. show go on sale at 10 a.m. May 24 — that's a Thursday — at Ticketfly. Price: $39.50 lawn, $59.50 reserved seat, $99.50 VIP.

At which nursing home are they performing?

This should bring out some dried out has beens.

Now, now, be respectful of your elders

you whippersnapper!


You'll stay home.

Saw them 2 years ago with Tom Petty

And they killed it! Just about out performed TP. Oh well, your loss is someone else's gain

Saw them in 2008, what a waste of money

They played a mediocre 45 minutes and then took off without saying a word. The audience thought they were coming back and we just waited. Then they started tearing down the stage and we realized it was over. They aren't worth the money in my opinion. There are plenty of other good concerts to see this summer.

You are the third person I've heard that from...

They each clocked the performance at about an hour each, but both said 'never again' for a ZZ performance.
Also said the performance wasn't a 'performance', just them playing for about an hour. One said 'save money, buy a greatests hits cd and stay home'.

"No his mind is not for rent, to any god or government." Neil Peart

Click the "since 2008" link

That will take you to the review of the show. It wasn't 45 minutes. ZZ Top played for about an hour and 15 minutes. Maybe they were hoping to leave everyone wanting more — for when they returned four years later to Eagle.

Wow an hour and 15

It did not feel like anything close to an hour, but maybe I had that feeling because I wasn't enjoying the performance so much. Maybe an off night for them, I don't know. I do think there are way better bands headed our way to spend my dollars on.

I wish there were better outdoor arenas. I like Idaho Center

outdoors, but they don't seem to book many acts. Went to Eagle and it was not that pleasant, and will stay away from the botanical garden because of friend and blog reviews.

"No his mind is not for rent, to any god or government." Neil Peart

Waste of money?

I was at that show as well. It was more a flat out rip-off to me.

Monitoring my watch, I recall the show being approximately 50 minutes and some long breaks between songs. And, they were beyond boring. Never again.

I agree

It was a ripoff. I regret spending the money and won't make the same mistake twice.

ZZ Top

I saw the the show in 2008 also , what a sleeper. They moved in pre-recorded steps and there was no banter with the audience at all. I took four of my friends and was totally bummed and out a lot of cash.That was my last ZZ Top show. They are just doing it for the money so don't waste yours. These guys were great back in the day. I say go on back to Texas, hang it up and have a lonestar on the couch.


Not to mention the ticket prices were very high but the stage was about as stripped down a stage as I've ever seen for a pro act. No banter is right - but there was no connection, no passion, no even hint that the band appreciated the audience.


I will be there for SURE!!!!!
Great band and show!!!'
Oh yeah... summer is on!!

They all call her "Puta"

'Cause no one really knows her name
She works the cantina
Dancin' and a-lovin's her trade
Her mama was Mez'can
And her daddy was the ace of spades

Mexican Blackbird, one of my favorites...Sunny...


That's a good one, Sunny! I prefer the older ZZ Top songs, too. One of my favorites is their "tree hugger" song about Squank:

Woman, grab your children, run and hide.
Don't let it catch up with you.
You gotta fight it to stay alive,
And if it gets you, man, you're through.

It smells so rotten and rank.
Well, everybody calls it the squank.

... And soon we'll be all breathin' out of tanks
If somethin' ain't done about the squank.

I saw 'em about the time "Eliminator" came out, down at the Pavilion. Made me want to be a "sharp dressed man"!! (I've been to a LOT of concerts during my mortal sojourn, and that one was definitely in the Top 5.)

"Some people call me Maurice 'Cause I speak of the pompetous of love." - Steve Miller
(I added that not because it's relevant, but because boisepoet has that really awesome quote by that Rush guy!)

Saw the show in 2008...

And thought it was rocking... great night packed with all the hits!!

Two Words

Billy Gibbons

Can't wait

I saw them last time around and can't wait to see them again. Reverend Willie G and the boys aren't for everyone, but i can't wait to hear some gospel coming from that Gretsch Billy Bo!