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1:17 a.m.: Last post of the night. The final Canyon County legislative results, and some quick reactions.

Given Robert Schaefter's 28 years of winning elections in Canyon County, Todd Lakey's runaway win in the District 12 Senate match is a surprise. I could have seen him winning, but not this easily.

Perhaps an even bigger surprise was Rep. Christy Perry, R-Nampa, running in a largely redrawn district and drawing some resistance from members of GOP House leadership. She won with a narrow majority, no small feat in a four-way race.

Sen. Patti Anne Lodge, R-Husgton, won strong against a spirited opponent.

Relatively speaking, Nampa GOP Sen. Curt McKenzie's win, with 54.3 percent of the vote, was a little less impressive.

As in Ada County, there are no stunning results, but some surprises in the numbers.

GOP, District 10, Senate
Jim Rice, 1,987 (68.8 percent)
Kent Marmon, 900

GOP, District 10, House Seat A
Brandon Hixon, 1,430 (51.5 percent)
Jarom Wagoner, 1,345

GOP, District 11, Senate
Patti Anne Lodge, 3,469 (59.8 percent)
Maurice Clements, 2,331

GOP, District 11, House Seat A
Gayle L. Batt, 3,737 (66 percent)
Greg Collett, 1,927

GOP, District 11, House Seat B
Christy Perry, 2,855 (50.1 percent)
Matt Dorsey, 1,887
Ronalee Linsenmann, 772
John Gough, 183

GOP, District 12, Senate
Todd Lakey, 1,975 (61.4 percent)
Robert E. Schaefer, 1,242

Democrats, District 12, Senate
Melissa Sue Robinson, 175 (50.6 percent)
Maria Mabbutt, 171

GOP, District 12, House Seat A
Robert Anderst, 1,416 (44.5 percent)
Roger L. Hunt, 1,066
Steve Nible, 699

GOP, District 12, House Seat B
Rick Youngblood, 2,154 (68.7 percent)
Sherri Nible, 778
Aaron Gonzalez, 204

GOP, District 13, Senate
Curt McKenzie, 1,726 (54.3 percent)
Hubert Osborne, 1,453

12:53 a.m.: Here's the final rundown from Ada County legislative races.

Can't say there are any stunning winners here. Jason Monks' win over former lawmaker and Ada County commissioner Fred Tilman is a surprise, but Monks had secured some key endorsements and had some name ID from his 2011 run for Meridian mayor. Mike Washburn's win for a House GOP nomination in left-leaning District 19 is another surprise; he was perhaps the least-prepared candidate we interviewed for Legislature this spring.

Maybe the biggest surprises were the easy wins for Rep. Marv Hagedorn, winning the GOP primary for District 14 Senate; and Rep. Joe Palmer's landlside win in a District 20 House race.

The numbers:

GOP, District 14 Senate
Marv Hagedorn, 1,988 (55.5 percent)
Stan Bastian, 1,059
Gary Bauer, 536

GOP, District 14, House Seat B
Reed DeMordaunt, 2,434 (72.5 percent)
Michael Greenway, 921

Democrats, District 15, House Seat A:
Richard Keller, 408 (58 percent)
John Hart, 295

GOP, District 15, House Seat B
Mark Patterson, 1,517 (60 percent)
Curtis Ellis, 1,009

Democrats, District 16, House Seat B
Hy Kloc, 881 (73.3 percent)
David A. Honey, 321

GOP, District 16, House Seat B
Graham Paterson, 1,817 (85.4 percent)
Fairy D Hitchcock, 310

GOP, District 17, Senate
Judy Peavey-Derr, 907 (57.7 percent)
Thomas Bullock, 666

Democrats, District 17, House Seat B
Sue Chew, 1,317 (88.9 percent)
Greg Nielson, 164

Democrats, District 18 Senate
Brandon Durst, 1017 (76.9 percent)
Matthew Duncan, 321

GOP, District 18, House Seat B
Brad R. Bolicek, 987 (50.7 percent)
John Hruby, 958

Democrats, District 19, House Seat A
Mathew Erpelding, 1,449 (48 percent)
Troy Rohn, 1,063
J. Dallas Gudgell, 509

GOP, District 19, House Seat A
Mike Washburn, 862 (60 percent)
Geoffrey D. Talmon, 573

Democrats, District 19, House Seat B
Holli High Woodings, 1,636 (56.4 percent)
Brad Goodsell, 1,118
Andy C. Edstrom, 145

GOP, District 20, House Seat A
Joe Palmer, 1,630 (65.9 percent)
Richard Dees, 456
Chris MacCloud, 388

GOP, District 20, House Seat B
James Holtzclaw, 1,035 (41.8 percent)
Patrick Malloy, 892
Tom LeClaire, 551

GOP, District 21, House Seat A
Steven Harris, 1,509 (49.3 percent)
Robert Simison, 1,192
Parrish Miller, 362

GOP, District 21, House Seat B
Tom Dayley, 1,052 (34.3 percent)
Mike Vuittonet, 703
Lori Shewmaker, 693
Charles Hoffman, 618

GOP, District 22, House Seat B
Jason Monks, 940 (40 percent)
Fred Tilman, 834
Michael Law, 487
Stephen Warren, 104


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12:02 a.m.: Well, it took long enough for Kootenai County to chime in with election results, but embattled Rep. Phil Hart is trailing in returns so far.

The numbers in District 2, House Seat B:
Ed Morse 373, 38.1 percent.
Phil Hart 305, 31.1 percent.
Ronald Ross Vieselmeyer 175, 17.9 percent.
Fritz Wiedenhoff 127, 13. percent.

11:54 p.m.: And yet another razor-thin race — this one in a rare contested Democratic primary in Canyon County.

This is the race for District 12 Senate (the winner will face Republican Todd Lakey, who defeated Rep. Robert Schaefer tonight):

Melissa Sue Robinson 159, 50.5 percent.
Maria Mabbutt 156, 49.5 percent.

11:44 p.m.: Another one in the too-close-to-call category:

District 18 House, Republican (winner faces Rep. Phylis King in November):

Brad R. Bolicek 914, 49.9 percent.
John Hruby 918, 50.1 percent.

11:31 p.m.: And the latest in the Canyon commissioner's race:

Buhler: 5,134, 49.5 percent.
Rule: 5,241, 50.5 percent.

Still barely a hundred votes between the two.

11:10 p.m.: Wow. With nearly 9,600 votes counted in Canyon County, challenger Roger Buhler is leading incumbent commissioner Steve Rule by 30 votes.

11:01 p.m.: Let's take a closer look at the 1st Congressional District Democratic numbers. They can't be good news for Democratic Party leaders.

• Former NFL player Jimmy Farris has only 52.6 percent of the vote over Cynthia Clinkingbeard, who scarcely campaigned after her felony gun arrest at a Staples store in June.

• Clinkingbeard is actually winning in Benewah, Boundary, Canyon and Payette counties, according to the secretary of state's office numbers.

• Farris, Meridian, is faring slightly better in Ada County, where Clinkingbeard was arrested. But even in Ada County, Farris has only 57.4 percent of the vote.

In sports parlance, this is known as winning ugly.

10:38 p.m.: The closest race of the night could be the GOP race for Canyon County commissioner, District 1:

In the latest numbers, Challenger Roger Lyle Buhler has 3,699 votes, or 50.4 percent, to incumbent Steve Rule's 3,644 votes, or 49.6 percent.

In the other commission race, it's no contest: Challenger Craig Hanson has 4,753 votes, or 65.2 percent, to incumbent David Ferdinand's 2,531 votes, or 34.8 percent.

10:25 p.m.: Robert Schaefer, with 28 years' experience, is the Treasure Valley's senior legislator. But he is trailing big in his bid to move to the state Senate.

Todd Lakey, a former Canyon County commissioner, has 64 percent of the vote to Schaefer's 36 percent.

Elsewhere in Canyon County, incumbent legislators are all winning: Sens. Curt McKenzie, Jim Rice and Patti Anne Lodge, and Reps. Christy Perry and Gayle Batt.

9:48 p.m.: Early legislative numbers in Ada County: Rep. Marv Hagedorn with nearly 55 percent and a strong lead in the three-way GOP Senate race in District 14; Rep. Joe Palmer with nearly 64 percent in a three-way House race in District 20. Impressive leads for both.

9:33 p.m.: It's early, but three sitting county commissioners are trailing: Ada commissioner Sharon Ullman (she has 46 percent of the vote, with 6 of 145 precincts reporting); and Canyon commissioners Steve Rule (47 percent) and David Ferdinand (35 percent). In Canyon County, 29 or 62 precincts are in.

9:17 p.m.: Speaking on KBOI 670, state Democratic Party Chairman Larry Grant says he expects Nicole LeFavour to raise $1 million in her challenge to 2nd Congressional District incumbent Mike Simpson. Grant believes LeFavour, an open lesbian, should be able to raise money from gay- rights groups, but doesn't see gay rights being an issue in the 2nd District race.

Grant also is hoping his party will pick up four to eight legislative seats, including the two GOP seats in Boise's legislative District 18.

8:15 p.m.: Should be about 45 minutes before we start getting the first of results.

7:59 p.m.: Good evening, all, and welcome to the election night live blog. We'll have numbers, and analysis of them, starting around 9 p.m. In the meantime, I'll be talking politics with Nate Shelman on KBOI 670 (on-air through 10 p.m.)

If you have any questions about the elections, or observations about voting in the "closed" primary, share them here.

Wonder how much the Bujak scandal affected the outcome

of the Canyon County race?

Had to be a huge factor.

Especially looking at Ferdinand, who is looking at a landslide loss.

Kevin Richert
editorial page editor

Kootenai County

Tax dodger and overall GOP embarrassment from the north, Phil Hart, barely hanging on: