Now San Diego State helping Boise State find home for non-football programs

By Brian Murphy

Boise State is enlisting help from all over the country to find a stable home for most of its non-football programs.

The Broncos have asked the Big East, its scheduled football conference beginning in 2013, for help, the school told the Idaho Statesman. Now San Diego State, which is planning to make the move to the Big East with Boise State next year, is doing its best to help solve the Broncos' conference woes.

"It's a fluid time,” SDSU Athletic Director Jim Sterk told the San Diego Union Tribune. "Boise is a great partner and we’re working to help find a solution for them." reported last week that the Mountain West, Boise State's current league, has tried to convince the Broncos to keep all of its sports programs in the conference. If the Broncos cannot find a suitable home for its non-football programs, the Mountain West could be their only option.

The report indicated Boise State — unlike the other schools that are set to join the Big East next year — had yet to officially withdraw from the Mountain West. Withdrawal is as simple as a formal letter and Boise State has until June 30 to do so.

Boise State officials have been quiet on the topic since the Western Athletic Conference — which was supposed to house most of the school's non-football programs — was gutted in the latest round of conference realignment.

The WAC lost Utah State and San Jose State to the Mountain West and newcomers Texas-San Antonio (to Conference USA) and Texas State (to the Sun Belt), leaving it with just two football-playing members (Idaho and New Mexico State), along with four other non-football playing members (Boise State, Denver, Seattle and Texas-Arlington).

It appears Boise State is not content to remain in the league, given that it has asked the Big East and San Diego State for help.

San Diego State will play its other sports in the Big West. The Big West declined to invite Boise State last year and the California-based bus league has not given much indication that it wants to expand to Boise. Hawaii will join the league this year in all sports except football and pay travel subsidies.

The Big West met on Monday and there was "no specific proposal on the table at this meeting to consider expansion," Commissioner Dennis Farrell told the Statesman last week.

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Hey Murph

Have you heard anything about BSU losing a player, but also picking up a new one? My buddy heard something about it on the scott slant yesterday.

Scott Slant

Nick Alexander transferring to Portland State. Brennyn Dunn walking on. You can read current and past Scott Slant articles on the KTVB website.

Alexander news

... Tom Scott's story cites on the Alexander news. I have yet to find that story and have yet to get a response from Boise State about Alexander's status on the team. He is still listed on the BSU roster.

As for walk-ons, we typically don't report on them until they arrive on campus since there is often tons of turnover, other offers, etc. when it comes to walk-ons.

-- murph

Thanks guys

Thanks for the info.

They will find a way

to get the sports covered. They know moving football back to the MWC would be taking 3 huge steps backward in the growth of the program.

I just hope...

the move to the Big East doesn't cost us in the end. Will the extra revenue we receive be ofset by the bad georgraphy once the AQ status is tossed out? Will we pull in enough money to make up for the mediocre competition once the next wave of teams leaves? By 2014, the Big East will only have a few original teams remaining, and those are not going to light the world on fire. What if the conference completely implodes like the WAC, or becomes a non-football conference? Will we have burned our bridges with the MWC?

I realy hope the administrators know what they are doing. Unless Boise State completely owns the Big East and crushes their BCS Bowl opponent in 2013, I don't see this benefitting us once the AQ status goes away in 2014.


While the TV revenue may be good, at least initially, ESPN is wise enough to put in clauses which say the amount can be renegotiated with membership changes. It's no secret that UCONN, Louisville, Rutgers, and Cincinnati have all expressed a desire to move on to the ACC and/or Big 12. Hopefully somebody has already calculated "worse case scenarios" 1, 2, or 3 years down the road.

It's comes down to potential TV money..not BCS AQ

The only bad geography is that Boise, with it's small TV market, is in the middle of nowhere.

BTW- what's the difference in the Broncos flying to the state of Ohio to play Bowling Green, or Miami(Oh) and going there to play Cincinatti, or possibly Ohio State one day? To me, I don't see any difference, it's just that moving forward, we're either going to be going to be travelling on a MWC budget, or travelling on a Big East budget, but the travel/geography is pretty much the same, and that applies to us having to travel to the State of Florida too for BE conference games. Were you aware that it's 600+ less miles for BSU to travel to play the Big East's Florida schools, than it is for BSU to play in Hawaii? Plus, which state will be better for recruiting, Hawaii or Florida?

Yes, AQ status would be nice, but the BCS is changing along with everything else, so who knows if AQ status is going to be relevant in the coming years?

No forward prograss was made on that play.


It you go online and yell FAQ YOU TOO

You are cut off at the well son.

It appears. . .

"It appears Boise State is not content to remain in the league".
You don't say, imagine that! If Boise St. was content to play WAC teams, they most likely would have stayed in the WAC. The MWC is better geographically but that's about it. When people said, a year ago, the MWC was the WAC 2.0, I disagreed and still hold to my argument that it wasn't. Now that all the teams from the WAC (minus 2) are in the MWC, it is the WAC 2.0, aside from a few new faces.

I prefer GARBAGE 2.0

Still orange and spins hard, sounds better


It you go online and yell FAQ YOU TOO

You are cut off at the well son.

BSU non-football sports

The West coast conferance WCC has 9 teams and that is where BYU play's their non-football sports!

BSU apply for admission to the WCC!

The WCC has 10 teams, not 9

They added Pacific as the 10th team. The WWC could however, add Seattle and BSU to make it a 12 team conference, but I believe that BSU has already contacted the WCC

Don't Bother

Public universities need not apply to the WCC.

while the WCC schools are all private, faith-based schools....

it wasn't always that way. The WCC used to be home to Fresno St, UNLV and Nevada, plus, considering that BSU/BJC was founded by the Episcopal Church, well... :-)

the Shadow knows...


It you go online and yell FAQ YOU TOO

You are cut off at the well son.

Simple Mathematics

No Big West = No Big East

Looks like the South's gonna do it again


It you go online and yell FAQ YOU TOO

You are cut off at the well son.



You had some interesting stats too!


It you go online and yell FAQ YOU TOO

You are cut off at the well son.