Mining company, conservation group join forces to improve Salmon watershed

A unlikely partnership between Formation Metals and the Idaho Conservation League put $150,000 into central Idaho to benefit conservation projects.

The mining company and the conservation group joined forces in 2009 to distribute money into the Salmon River watershed after the two also agreed on the degree of protection the company planned for its cobalt mine.

This year the beneficiaries include Trout Unlimited, The Nature Conservancy, Lemhi County Weed Cooperative Management Area, Lemhi Soil & Water Conservation District, Morgan Creek Cattle Association/Salmon Youth Employment Program, and the Lemhi County Economic Development Association.

³We are pleased to work with more progressive mining companies such as Formation which is developing an underground cobalt mine near Salmon,” said John Robison, Public Lands Director for the Idaho Conservation League.

Trout Unlimited and the Nature Conservancy will work on projects to reconnect tributaries rivers the Pahsimeroi River, Lee Creek and Big Eightmile Creek. Lemhi County Weed Cooperative Management Area will install invasive species decontamination station in Salmon.

The Lemhi Soil & Water Conservation District will rebuild an irrigation to improve water flows and remove barriers for the passage of threatened and endangered fish on Lemhi Little Springs Creek. The Morgan Creek Cattle Association will be constructing 2 miles of wildlife-friendly fence along Morgan Creek to improve water quality and fish habitat.

Lemhi County Economic Development Association will conduct a baseline inventory of fish habitat and watershed resources for the Salmon River along the City of Salmon.




See Rock's last paragraph above.
Then notice this is a direct quote from Governor Andrus in a Press Release in 2009!
2009 2009 2009:

"Governor Andrus, a member of Formation's Board of Directors and a strong supporter of the Idaho Conservation League, commented, "The Conservation Action Program is just the type of win-win situation that can happen when folks start working together. This program showcases the Idaho Conservation League's common-sense approach to conservation and Formation's firm commitment to environmental stewardship."

Here is the link:,339832,338784,337845,336731

I know both ICL & the Mining Company in this case

and can say I have much respect for both. Good work by all involved.

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Now that the ICL has their press release online it is once again obvious Rocko has a knack for reading a press release and changing the content.

The press release correctly credits Gov. Andrus with the "win-win" quote- even though it was from 2009.
The Rocko manages to screw that up.

The actual press release is better than the Statesman's version:



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You are cut off at the well son.

"Wildlife-friendly fence"

Well there's an oxymoron.