Perch on the fly, bass are no-shows

ImageI'm adding this to my life list of fish that I've caught on a fly. But that's part of the fun of reservoir fishing. You just don't know what you're going to pull out of the water. This one came compliments of Lake Lowell. It's not exactly a perch fishing destination, but three fly anglers caught a fair number of them Sunday evening, but only caught a few of the bass we were targeting. Not sure what that means. It struck me as odd because it seems like those perch would make a tasty meal for largemouths. Any bass busters want to weigh in?

perch busters

how about why are the pelvic fins not the typical yellow/orange?
or is it just not so apparent in this photo?

any other photos of the day?

This one was pale

I didn't see the others because we were all in float tubes and fishing different areas, but my friends said several looked pretty unhealthy. That may be due to spawning stress, or maybe they just weren't healthy.

Fly pattern

The streamer you're using looks equally unhealthy! Nice way to match the hatch!

Obviously you don't know me.

Obviously you don't know me. If I dry fly fish, it's during the Stimulator hatch.