Decriminalizing pot becomes last-minute issue in Idaho Senate race; target calls mailer 'outrageous'

A flyer paid for by Idaho's biggest business lobby says Republican challenger Maurice Clements "crossed the line" in advocating decriminalization of marijuana.

"Maurice Clements...and his liberal pipe dream," says the
slick over-sized post card
paid for by the Idaho Prosperity Fund, the campaign arm of the Idaho Association of Commerce and Industry. The mailing arrived in Canyon County mailboxes Saturday.

"Maurice Clements thinks that carrying and using illegal drugs like marijuana shouldn't be punished," says the flyer. "Seriously? Why else would he have argued for letting drug abusers off scot-free?

"That kind of liberal thinking won't create jobs in Canyon County. Clearly, electing Maurice Clements again would be a bad trip."

Clements, of Nampa, is a former House member challenging Sen. Patti Ann Lodge of Huston in Tuesday's Republican primary.

At a March forum on plans for a new Canyon County Jail, the Idaho Press-Tribune paraphrased Clements, saying he said "overpopulation in the criminal justice system is due largely to national drug policy. He argued for modification or repeal of at least some drug laws, starting with decriminalization of marijuana."

The mailer was sent by the business group independent of the Lodge campaign.

Clements issued this statement Monday afternoon:

"This mailer is outrageous. I have never condoned the use of marijuana. I strongly support drug testing for welfare recipients. My point was merely that our 'War On Drugs' is failing.

"The true issue of the campaign is Lodge’s voting record. which is much more liberal than most realize. This is the first time she has been seriously challenged by a respected conservative and she doesn’t like it. This mailer is merely an attempt to distract voters from the real issue, her liberal voting record."

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So Typical of IACI

They will do anything to maintain their power in the legislature including this claptrap. The war on (some) drugs has failed absolutely helping the US to the largest prison population in the world but that's OK with IACI. I wonder if any of the various prison industry corporations that lobby for continuing the drug war to enhance their profits are IACI members? IACI couldn't care less about people with cancer, ALS, AIDS and other diseases and conditions that cannabis will help. How disgusting.

Bunch of freaks ...

wow, what a state of despair we are in.


if you listen to Maurice Clements' Statesman interview, I'd prefer Sen. Lodge, even though I have a number of disagreements with her views (and as a person she's a delightful lady).

"We else

would he have argued for letting drug abusers off scot-free?" What dunce put this flyer together?

That was my error

Thanks for the catch. Dan Popkey

Huston, Idaho---IACI loves the rurals they can control

Maurice, if you lose the election, you should go over to Alex Labeau's place (locate him easy enough with and have some serious "face-time" with the lad. You & a few of your friends, after hours, at home, in the presence of his wife & kids....makes 'em think long & hard.

This is really dirty-pool, if I've ever seen it. Blatant dirty-pool.

If you don't like negative campaigning, let them know

Groups like IACI, the Realtors Association, etc. continue to bring more and more of this type of negative, exaggerated, misleading campaign ads to Idaho politics. if you have anything to do with the member companies and individuals of these organizations, contact them and voice your disapproval. We don't need more of this in Idaho. I have no problem giving money to help a candidate you support, but this type of campaigning brings us all down.
I am considering letters to companies like Idaho Power, Micron, etc. in opposition to this activity. They might not care what their customers think, but at least they will know some of their customers are concerned.

Don't know what district you're in,

but all the flyers I've received from Clements have been negative, exaggerated, and misleading towards Lodge. He's never even said what he WILL do, he's just talked about the way she's voted. And if you like the ultra-religious, ultra-right wing group Idaho Chooses Life, you'll love Clements, because that's who finances him. I didn't even consider voting for him because I'm pro-choice, and he's anti-women. I don't always agree with Sen. Lodge, but electing Clements will be a huge mistake....Sunny...

How do you actually know Clements backs those mailings?

Nobody has to ask for your approval to run ads about you now, for or against.


It you go online and yell FAQ YOU TOO

You are cut off at the well son.

check out his website

which one can assume he backs. He has an entire page devoted to slagging votes by Sen. Lodge since 2001.

Easy to find out...just look for the "Paid for by....."

They don't have to ask your approval, but they do have to identify who paid for the ads.

Don't get me wrong...I'm a big supporter of Lodge

I just don't like the tactics of IACI. I also think it's unfortunate that she will be associated with a negative campaign because she is not like that.

Target, fine but what does Walmart think?

Whatever the the Chinese say to.


It you go online and yell FAQ YOU TOO

You are cut off at the well son.


Maurice Clements was elected as a Republican in the 1970's, switched to the Libertarian Party in 1988, ran and lost, and is now back as a Republican? Real steady guy isn't he?

That's like saying Reagan used to be a democrat, so...


It you go online and yell FAQ YOU TOO

You are cut off at the well son.

Doesn't much matter.

Obama and the feds will still prosecute. Needs to be national.

We are truly s ~c~rew~ed

When you have two candidates for one office arguing that each is more conservative than the other, look out. As if being conservative was a good thing. *Snarf*!