District 19 House A: Erpelding gets endorsement from former Idaho senator

Mat Erpelding, a Democratic candidate for Idaho House of Representatives District 19A, announced Friday that he has received the endorsement of former Idaho Senator Gail Bray.

Bray, who served four terms as a senator for District 19, is also Erpelding's campaign treasurer. Other candidates in the Democratic primary for District 19A are J. Dallas Gudgell and Troy Rohn.

Here's Bray's endorsement of Erpelding:

"Mat Erpelding has my support for the District 19 House (seat A). Of the 3 candidates, he is the clear choice. Mat has been in the trenches building consensus as a creative and thoughtful policy aid to Democratic Legislators, supporting our Democratic values as the hardworking Vice Chair of the Ada County Democrats, engaging in conservation issues as an Idaho outdoorsman and environmental educator, developing our future teachers as faculty at CWI, and growing a small business. He will “hit-the-ground running” with no learning curve, at ”home” in a process that often takes at least a session to become effective and to be of consequence. Mat will improve the democracy we love."

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Gail Bray

Gail Bray was a good legislator and she clearly has a firm grasp on what District 19 needs. Go Erpelding!