Candidate rebuttal: Malloy pledges to 'hold fast to conservative values'

And here's another candidate rebuttal — this one from Patraick Malloy, a Meridian Republican.

Malloy is among three GOP candidate running for an open House seat in legislative District 20. On Thursday, the Statesman endorsed Tom LeClaire.

Here is the Malloy rebuttal:

I am pleased that the Statesman identified me as "... a hardline conservative who spent part of the 2012 session filling in for Sen. Shirley McKague, R-Meridian."

Yes I am a "hardline conservative," that means I will hold fast to conservative values such as lower taxes, smaller government, protection of life and property, and individual liberty. To my knowledge I am the only one in my race that has stated plainly that I do not support an additional local-option sales tax, that would hurt Meridian small business and cost Meridian consumers money for supporting their local businesses. I am also the only candidate with a legislative voting record. And my 12 years of experience with the Alliance Defense Fund provides me insight into the impact various legislation could have on the individual Idaho citizen or business. I hope to receive the Meridian voters' endorsement on May 15.

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Alliance Defense Fund? Really?

That alone should disqualify Malloy in the minds of any thinking voter. The ADF is a far, far right extremest Christian group. This virulent anti-gay anti-woman group was founded by the late Bill Bright, Donald Wildmon, James Kennedy and James Dobson to name a few of the heavy hitters. Their specialty is anti-gay anti-abortion lies and propaganda along with revisionist history to support the "Christian nation" scheme. Small government and individual liberty are incompatible with with their agenda and given his touting of them, incompatible with Malloy's beliefs.


Just a note: The values of the average Idahoan are more in line with ADF than that of TimTeater, 05/11/2012. It is best to find out for yourself. Check out: It's my guess that Tim will not be voting for any Republican.