Meet the Gang

Who are we?

Three friends who love to read. Combined, we have been at the Idaho Statesman for 32 years. Not in the newsroom as you’d expect, but two in Finance and one in Advertising. Over the years we’ve established the habit of stopping at each other’s desks to suggest a book, recommend an author, and argue about the worth of the Twilight Series and which was better, Hunger-Games-the-book or Hunger-Games-the-movies.

Last year Pam read 172 books, Rachel came another step closer in getting her YA novel published, and Janice published her third romance novel. All of us are avid book reviewers for our blogs and various Big Six publishers. In short we’re naturals for a book review column.

We bring a lot of experience to the table; after all, we all began reading for fun in kindergarten. And I can attest to being kicked out of more than one classroom when the teacher discovered I was holding my library book inside my math…history…science book and not paying attention to the lesson.

The idea was sown when Rachel repeatedly decried the Statesman’s lack of a good, local, everyday book review column. And in combination with the stacks of ARCs—Advanced Reader Copies—going unread, she knew something had to be done about these travesties.

So, being the youngest and the bravest, Rachel wrote a proposal and handed it to the Idaho Statesman Editor. To our delight and amazement, they agreed enthusiastically with our idea. In the Sunday Life, no less. One full page a month, with a weekly blog, and free rein to share our love of books. So this is our debut.

But we have bigger dreams. In addition to book reviews, we want to be the go-to source for everything book and writing related in the Treasure Valley. If your school has a book-related event coming up, send us an email at and we’ll list it on our monthly calendar Are you a local author with a book signing? Keep us in the loop and we’ll help get the word out. Check our our blog at for the latest book updates.

Please talk to us, we’d love to hear from you. Tell us what you like and what you want to see because the more input from you, the better the column will be.

The Book Addicts

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