Report: Boise State has yet to withdraw from Mountain West, may be considering staying in league

By Brian Murphy

Boise State, unlike the other schools slated to join the Big East in 2013, has not formally withdrawn from its current conference,'s Brett McMurphy reported Thursday evening.

Mountain West officials met with Boise State officials this week to persuade the Broncos to stay in the league, McMurphy reported.

Houston, Southern Methodist, UCF and Memphis have formally withdrawn from Conference USA and San Diego State has withdrawn from the Mountain West.

Earlier this week, however, a Boise State spokesman told the Idaho Statesman that the school has asked the Big East for help in finding a stable home for most of its non-football programs. The Broncos are scheduled to move its those programs to the WAC, but that league has been decimated by the most recent moves in conference realignment.

A Boise State spokesman would not confirm the details in the report to the Idaho Statesman, instead referring to a statement the school released last week.

"We continue to closely monitor the changing landscape of college athletics as a result of the latest news on conference realignment. During this time of change, we remain committed to making the best long-term decisions for Boise State University," Boise State Athletic Director Mark Coyle said.

Boise State would owe the Big East $5 million if it does not join the league on July 1, 2013, according to the contract between the parties. If the Broncos were to join the Big East and then leave, Boise State would face a $10 million buyout and a 27-month waiting period, McMurphy reported.

Though the Big East could be in line for a major television contract this fall, the league is still on tenuous footing. Louisville has told the league it wants to leave,'s Andy Katz reported Thursday, and Connecticut has made it clear that it would prefer to change leagues as well.

Broncos in the NFL

• The Chicago Bears have agreed to terms with first-round pick Shea McClellin, a former Boise State defensive end. The contract is for four years with an option for a fifth season.

• Former Boise State TE Kyle Efaw has earned an invite to Oakland Raiders' rookie camp. Efaw has not signed a contract with the Raiders. It is a tryout.

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SIF, KOAC stands for Oregon Agricultural College (OSU)


It you go online and yell FAQ YOU TOO

You are cut off at the well son.

my what a big endowment you have

While the population of Pullman maybe small, the Washington County population is 470,000 and that makes it similar to the size of the Treasure Valley. BSU fills it's stadium, WSU does not. BSU is adding more seats, WSU is trying to fill the seats they have. I hope that with a new coach, the program at WSU sees a tremendous upswing, but simply playing in the Pac 12 hasn't meant that WSU has been a quality team recently (9-40 since 2008, last winning record 2002).

Here are some more potentially meaningless statistics

2011 Graduation rates for football players:
WSU 60%
BSU 65%

2010 FBS APR
WSU 918 (tied for 114th place with New Mexico St.)
BSU 974 (tied for 12th place with Penn St)

2011 Bowl results
BSU 56 - ASU 24

If Boise State is such a marginal program, what are people in the PAC 12 afraid of? ..... BSU wrestling already competes in the PAC 12.

There's not enough room on this blog to detail WSU 8 losses last year. Congrats on beating Idaho St! You must be proud.

I think that with...

the PAC-12's new TV deal, new AD and new coach there's a lot of excitment in Cougarland and the stadium will fill and they have plans to expand the, at the end of the day I don't think they'll be bowl eligible next year but I wouldn't bet against them.

Mike Leach

is going to build a good program at WSU as long as he doesn't recruit anymore of Craig James' kids. The PAC 12 needs other member schools to pick up the level of play if they want to be considered a premiere football conference. Oregon, Stanford, and USC can't do all of the heavy lifting each year.

You forgot to mention another big difference eagledave,,,,,,,

between WSU and bsu. WSU is not on NCAA probation. You know, the probation that won't end until next year.
Lack of institutional control and all that. I bet you're so proud of bfu.

You fillet of cretin wiki your crap right


It you go online and yell FAQ YOU TOO

You are cut off at the well son.

Washington County

Pullman is WHITMAN county , the population in only 45,000. You must be a BSU grad to think that Pullman is in Washington County.

It's worse

I live in California. During my time in Idaho, Washington St was irrelevant, so knowing "it's in eastern Washington" was good enough. Thanks for the geography lesson, I'll try not get too puffed up with all of this knowledge.

More meaningless information

Notable athletes
WSU - Ryan Leaf
BSU - Kellen Moore

Ryan Leaf is the QB you came up with?

Really? what about Drew Bledsoe and Mark Rypien? Between the both of them, there's 6 pro bowls, 3 super bowls and one superbowl MVP

Bledsoe - 1st pick in '83 draft - 4x Pro Bowl selection 2x All-Pro - 1 super bowl win

Rypien - 2x Pro Bowler - 2x Super Bowler - 1x Super bowl MVP

Tim Rosenbach - 1st rd pick 83 draft - 1988 Heisman Trophy cadidate - career ended due to injuries

More meaningless information

WSU Bledsoe 1st Pick in draft QB
WSU Thompson 1st round pick QB
WSU Rosenbaugh 1st round pick QB

WSU Mark Rypien Super Bowl MVP QB

Plus Ruben Mayes was Rookie of the year RB , What has BSU had in the pro's

Do you need more from WSU

Jim Brown

went to college at Syracuse from 1953-1957. He went on to lead the NFL in rushing 8 times. What does this have to do with the Syracuse football program in 2012? Bledsoe, Thompson, Rosenbaugh, Rypien, and Mayes were all great players, but they mean little when considering the state of WSU football currently. It's nice to have memories. do you know that

as of 2012, that BSU wont have just good memories too?

fair question

I don't know. For now I just have hope.

Don't be a freakin cow, Monet. I saw the graduation on TV.


It you go online and yell FAQ YOU TOO

You are cut off at the well son.


greed has gotten the best of BSU. now they are snake bit...who knows where they will end up..



What has Goofy got to do with it?


It you go online and yell FAQ YOU TOO

You are cut off at the well son.

More than

you think....

Donald will screw up everything.


It you go online and yell FAQ YOU TOO

You are cut off at the well son.

One thing is for sure

It wasn't greed that caused the defection from any conference. It is called doing what is perceived as the best for the school. Before TCU, BYU and Utah decided to leave the MWC, the move to the MWC would likely have made the MWC an AQ conference as well as a secure and stable conference. The Big East is now losing all of their premier schools just when a BSU invite is accepted. The MWC had to be proactive to prevent it from being the next WAC. Unfortunately the WAC is now crumbling and soon to be extinct as a result of all the defections. Let's get this straight, just because BSU gets these invites to better conferences doesn't make it BSU's fault the conferences they leave fall apart. Whatever way Dr. Kustra and his staff decide to take BSU, it will be perceived as the best move for BSU and not greed. Rest assured that had any of the other WAC schools got the invite to the MWC before BSU did, the door couldn't have hit them in the tail cause they would have been gone just as fast. In a round about way, this was the WAC's way of getting rid of the perennial bottom dwellers without officially kicking them to the curb. The new MWC is now the WAC minus Idaho and New Mexico State should BSU decide to stay.

No, it really was greed, panic and hysteria...

like a game of musical chairs.


It you go online and yell FAQ YOU TOO

You are cut off at the well son.

college of idaho

i hear that the C of I is starting up football again..maybe they can join the MWC..



It you go online and yell FAQ YOU TOO

You are cut off at the well son.

I don't think so

IIRC, they'll be NCAA Div III, not NAIA.

So where are their other teams, bright one?


It you go online and yell FAQ YOU TOO

You are cut off at the well son.


The Div 3 league has said no them in going already. Right now they are NAIA so that is were they will go.
They will play Carrol, Eastern Oregon, etc.

R U Sure...

George Fox University in Newberg, OR is reinstating their football program (let me tell you the community in Newberg has stepped up to create a 1st class football understanding is that they will compete with Willamette and Linfield. Bye the way...Boise State has never beaten Linfiled! Maybe BSU should give Linfield a payday game instead of Tennessee-Martin???


George Fox University

Yes, and they are DIV 3, Div 3. The league that George Fox the Northwest Conference,said no to the C of I.

Having lived all but two years in this valley, I KNEW THAT

Thank you for reinforcing it.


It you go online and yell FAQ YOU TOO

You are cut off at the well son.

When was that?

When did did Boise State play Linfield?

I understand you are doing everything you can to poke fun at the Broncos, but your statement about Boise State is just stupid. I mean, Virgnia Tech and Oregon have never beaten Boise State! Guess what, neither has Florida, USC, Harvard, the Denver Broncos, or the Toronto Maple Leafs.

How badly does the MWC want BSU to stay?

$5 million worth of badly?

Who gives a crap, Trump? Tired of that garbage.


It you go online and yell FAQ YOU TOO

You are cut off at the well son.

all or nothing

Boise State needs to tell the Big East all or nothing. They need our football program more than we need them.


Gene B. is laughing at this Kustra Clu$ter.

If BSU is headed East they should request inclusion into the SEC

not because they stand a chance to get in, but just for the headlines!

Then, BSU should go on a media blitz touting themselves as the flagship football program in the western united states and then ramp it up a few notches further by publicly challenging any pAC12 school that disagrees with them to 'put up or shut up' by signing a 10 year home and home series.

TBK....No chance at all....

Boise needs to realize they are a good football team, but they don't call the is called monies....

Washington has a good deal with Boise....they pay them little in Seattle, while they gross $4M plus on the receipts....then they come to Boise for the same deal knowing Boise doesnt generate enough receipts to pay higher fees anyway....

Boise would make far more getting rid of their home and home arrogance and just travel, such as they have done with Georgia and Michigan State....they will make more monies that way....


Another lesson..

Boise State makes far more money on a home game than they with any road game.

Your welcome

Of course he is.


It you go online and yell FAQ YOU TOO

You are cut off at the well son.


you sound so angry today! did you get some grit up your nails and can't get it out?

BSU4342....You have alittle myoptic

vision....Yes, Boise makes more at home if you consider the home games they play with the revenues of say Fresno....

How much money did Boise get at Georgia v what they get for travelling to Fresno?

Didnt Boise get $1M+ by going to Georgia? Can Boise offer the same if Georgia came to Boise? If so, then what is left for Boise for a home game?

Look at the dollar deal for Boise v Washington....Washington comes out smelling like a rose....

Thats all I was saying....

§ "alittle"

is not a word (nor is acar, ahouse, amigraine) and neither is "myoptic".

Jeez! You claim to hold to advanced (not "a dvanced") degrees from Moscoversity. In what? Dirt?

9-3 (or should I make it 3-9?) that you misspell "potatoe chit" on your next attempt.

How's that new stadium near Kuna coming?



Thanks !!!!

§ Think little of it

Nothing new.

My keyboard is broken too, Gillette.

I have a nice, like new LCD monitor though.

I've got 63 million 'boards.


It you go online and yell FAQ YOU TOO

You are cut off at the well son.

To the white board ugly

Boise received $1.2M from the Chick bowl folks.

As for Fresno, out of conference home and homes typically are accompanied with an expense check (See Washington)

And Boise comes out smelling like a rose as well.

You never really have understood how home-and-home vs one-and-dones work.

Well, we have all summer to educate you.


The main point to TBK was that a top ten cfb team like Boise that generates about $30M in total revenue is not going to dictate to other schools with revenues exceeding $60M on what types of schedules to do....the other cfb teams need to make money and the gate revenues does not match the top 30....

Therefore, Boise will never exceed $40M in gross revenues unless they let down a-little arrogance and accept the one-and-dones with the top revenue generating teams....

Play Texas, Notre Dame, USC at their place and take the dole and run....the UT-Martin just shows their financial side is not matching the fact that BSU is a top 5 cfb team....

If they dont want to do this, then ok?

§ No problem, then

Simply implement your prior (restated ad nausea) stance that ticket prices be hiked to $100 per cheek.

Or, was that $10,000 per Sheikh? know

Washington well....

it takes money to make money....

The Huskies are re-doing stadium and tickets arent cheap (per se). They generate good revenue and can have about any ooc they want....

Boise should emulate Washington and Nebraska....they should....

If Boise is satified, then albeit! Then fine....keep status quo....but if growth is wanted, then monies are needed....

Ugly the Vandal !!!!

§ Nothing you

nor anyone else here says about scheduling or funding will make one bit of difference.

And, yet, there is persistence.

The WAC/MWC/Pac12/B1G/atolls of the western Pacific presidents/ADs/commissioners/coaches don't read anything (nor would ever be inclined, even if they thought there were a bunch of smart people posting great ideas) EVER posted here. Even if stumbled upon, these opinions would carry no weight.

We're nothing but a few pea shooters in some arcade in a cornfield. And, that's okay. We can be somewhat serious and, then hopefully, laugh about our follies (and those of people actually in charge) in due time.

Anything more than that and we are deluding ourselves.

Emirates goes many of those places...


It you go online and yell FAQ YOU TOO

You are cut off at the well son.