Report: Boise State has yet to withdraw from Mountain West, may be considering staying in league

By Brian Murphy

Boise State, unlike the other schools slated to join the Big East in 2013, has not formally withdrawn from its current conference,'s Brett McMurphy reported Thursday evening.

Mountain West officials met with Boise State officials this week to persuade the Broncos to stay in the league, McMurphy reported.

Houston, Southern Methodist, UCF and Memphis have formally withdrawn from Conference USA and San Diego State has withdrawn from the Mountain West.

Earlier this week, however, a Boise State spokesman told the Idaho Statesman that the school has asked the Big East for help in finding a stable home for most of its non-football programs. The Broncos are scheduled to move its those programs to the WAC, but that league has been decimated by the most recent moves in conference realignment.

A Boise State spokesman would not confirm the details in the report to the Idaho Statesman, instead referring to a statement the school released last week.

"We continue to closely monitor the changing landscape of college athletics as a result of the latest news on conference realignment. During this time of change, we remain committed to making the best long-term decisions for Boise State University," Boise State Athletic Director Mark Coyle said.

Boise State would owe the Big East $5 million if it does not join the league on July 1, 2013, according to the contract between the parties. If the Broncos were to join the Big East and then leave, Boise State would face a $10 million buyout and a 27-month waiting period, McMurphy reported.

Though the Big East could be in line for a major television contract this fall, the league is still on tenuous footing. Louisville has told the league it wants to leave,'s Andy Katz reported Thursday, and Connecticut has made it clear that it would prefer to change leagues as well.

Broncos in the NFL

• The Chicago Bears have agreed to terms with first-round pick Shea McClellin, a former Boise State defensive end. The contract is for four years with an option for a fifth season.

• Former Boise State TE Kyle Efaw has earned an invite to Oakland Raiders' rookie camp. Efaw has not signed a contract with the Raiders. It is a tryout.

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Big East

I hope this is just to add pressure on the Big East to help us with our non-football teams. Even if the Big East continues to have problems it is still a big step up from the MWC and their horrible TV contracts. The Big East losing teams may even be a benefit as this could set up a better East Coast and West Coast division in the Big East.

Tough to pressure folks when--

you agreed to give up 5 million. But lets hope your right. Only take a "few" years to recover 5 million if the report yesterday of 1.2 million from MWC is correct--------(1.2 million a misprint ??).
About all I can say anymore is geez.

The MWC TV mess is over

On May 31 of this year, The MWC's "Mtn Network" will cease to exist.

save our athletic program!!!

save our athletic program!!! FIRE KUSTRA!!!


also reported that Boise State will attend a Big East meeting in Florida next week, so things should be getting down to the nitty-gritty after that. I keep swinging back-and-forth on this issue; the geography of the Mountain West teams is ideal, but the money and competiveness of the Big East is way more attractive.

I have never liked the big East move...

I said it then and I still think the move to the big East looked desparate and unbecoming for a great program like Boise State. Even a few months ago you could see the winds of change in the whole BCS picture. At this point it looks more than ever like being in the big East just to be an AQ school is less required than ever. And BTW, the rest of the college football world does not regard the Big East as a worthy football conference. At best it's a tiny incremental step upward from the Mountain West and the distance between the two is looking smaller every day.

BCS will be dead in a couple of years

BSU should stay put, pay the $5 million since it does not join the Big East on July 1, 2013.

In a couple of years the Big East and the MWC will be equal in Football. Because the Big East is that bad with or without BSU.

No one wants BSU's non-football sports at all. This way they have a home in the MWC.


Do you even know who the BCS is?

Solid reporting on the BCS problem here.....

See some solid reporting by the Arizona Republic on the BCS problem below:

This has nothing

to do with the BCS, just how the bowls are run. Two completely different issues.

Gimme a B! Sarte me, Jean-Paul. Why do they exist?


It you go online and yell FAQ YOU TOO

You are cut off at the well son.


I think Robert of Eagle has made a valid point. It was reported last night the Louisville wants out of the BE and I think UCONN may be right behind them if the Big 12 plucks a team from the ACC. I'm not sure the TV revenues could offset the costs the Bronco program could incur.

take out UCONN and Louisville and what do you get?

UCONN, Louisville and Cincinnati cant get out of the Big East soon enough! BSU will end up with a merger with a few CUSA teams and call it progress. Throw in that we will sacrifice our entire athletic department for the privilege. Yep - an absolutely well thought out decision!

Let me guess skoobies...

You believe BSU should have never left the WAC.......

what is true progress

Joining the Big East is similar to purchasing a mercedes just after it was totalled on the freeway. Every original school in that conference is looking for an exit.

A better approach for BSU is to politically take over the MWC. The MWC is not perfect but it could be a very solid conference. BSU should lead the other presidents to fire Thompson and aggressively push the league in steady and consistant improvements. BSU can push a TV contract that builds on the bronco's national exposure. Who cares about local markets when you are looking for national ratings. ESPN knows that and BSU has been on ESPN as much as anyone the last 10 years. They should beat the Big East to the punch and compete for ESPN TV money as if it was a bowl game.


excellent points!

I agree....BSU stay in MWC and rebuild it....Thier new rivals are there too such as Nevada and Fresno....This makes scheduling West teams as ooc more appealing....

A dominant BSU in MWC with 2-3 good BCS games as ooc will keep Boise in the National spot-light....

Oh No

Ugly agrees with you.

Ouch, there is nobody that posts here that knows less about college football than ugly.

Oh well, it is what it is.

can you please lay off the arrogant BS....

maybe that way we can avoid the back and forth garbage. It gets old quick.

OK skoobies, I'll play

Do you know the difference between the "potential" Big East TV deal vs. what the top end of what the MWC TV could get?

Do you know what the dollar amount is of the deficit the Olympic sports is running at BSU?

Do you think BSU will continue to sell-out home game with Fresno State (1 loss in 10 years), Nevada (1 loss in 10 years), Hawaii (2 losses in 10 tears), or SJST, USU, NM, WY, CSU (really)......?

Do you know what a "Tier 3" TV contract is?

Do you think BSU should turn down $5M in TV money for $2M in TV money?

Well that's a start.

I await your answers.....

theres more to it


I came back and retracted my last comments on you because it was too much. This comment, though, is what I was talking about. Neither of us really know the details of TV contracts! The NCAA environment is changing so fast that I'm not sure anyone really knows what the next Big East or MWC contract would be. BSU brings a pretty good bargaining position though.

I see the google search stuff, but facts show that there is more to it. Thats where our ignorance comes in. My pea-brain tells me that TV contacts have to be like any other product - Its all about supply/demand and marketability. Local markets are great but ESPN wants national ratings. Notre Dame is in Indiana yet they have a large TV contract because they have established a national brand. We obviously aren't there by any means but we have established a foothold where our games get good national ratings. We've also been a major topic of conversation on sportscenter, we've been on the cover of SI a couple of times, and ESPN has us on TV as much as anyone. You can show me all the local market stuff you want, but I know those are facts. We are very marketable.

I believe (strongly) that if we aggressively build on that momentum, we can get as good a TV deal as they can without us - and avoid the train wreck that is the Big East.


I'm not sure I understand your "train-wreck" opinion of the Big East.

The BE has lost 3 schools.

The MWC has lost 5 schools.

The "new" Big East has 12 football schools in top-50 TV markets

The "new" MWC has 2 schools in top-50 TV markets

The "new" Big East had an average attendance last year of 34,612

The "new" MWC had an average attendance last year of 23,327

The least amount of money spent on football in the "new" Big East by a program is $10.1M (Temple)

The most amount of money spent on football in the "new" MWC is $8.8M (Hawaii)

The "new" Big East is 1-2 vs BSU since 1996

The "new" MWC is 11-62 vs BSU since 1996

The "new" Big East gets a new "lucrative" TV deal by years-end

The "new" MWC just had their TV partner drop their season

A for the new TV deal. It has been reported that the BE left anywhere from $130-$150M (per year) on the table last year when they canceled negotiations. Since then they've added 5 top-50 markets and Boise State (which gets top-50 ratings). There is a ton of info on this potential deal and the estimates are anywhere from $150M to $200M per year (for tier 1 and 2). The best that the MWC can hope for (with BSU) is around $100M.

As for ugly. Look, I like ugly, he's a regular and he tries hard. But the fact is, his knowledge of college football is limited. I have no issues with ugly and I enjoy his posts, he's just not very factual.

As for you taking a step back from your original post, I appreciate that. You don't seem like a bad sort and I know I can get under peoples skin from time to time.
Here's an interesting look at some Tier 3 TV deals, some odd ones in there

If you can't digest a strong hunch, what could he, OR I, say?

I believe firmly that the sense of sucky is in play.


It you go online and yell FAQ YOU TOO

You are cut off at the well son.

Another meaningless question based on luzt


It you go online and yell FAQ YOU TOO

You are cut off at the well son.

That would only make BSU look like punks.


It you go online and yell FAQ YOU TOO

You are cut off at the well son.


I think we should all just stop and reflect on how absolutely brilliant B43S42U is and acknowledge that we are privileged to have his infinite insider knowledge and insite. As he has consistently told everyone - he is (obviously) more informed than everyone else and he can accurately predict that BSU football will absolutely collapse without the Big East. Yep - collapse - as in totally finished. I'm not sure how we even got to where we are today.

Thanks B43S for calling everyone out as idiots. We just didn't realize how uninformed we are compared to you.

Wow, not sure how I

rated that response, but obviously something I've posted has really gotten under your skin.

To each his own....

It's been a while since I've called anyone an idiot, but it looks like that's about to change.

§ Probably unnecessary

Skoobies knows the brilliance-idiocy continuum. He must have all the "insite".

I cant spell

and I'm not an expert on the business side of college athletics. But I can see one thing that is very obvious...

The Big East is a dying conference.

Everyone on the outside sees this....everyone on

the inside does not....

With the BE; Love is definitely blind....

This is all just an aside for you to redirect and not hurt stuff

It may do something to gloss over the chagrin you feel but in the end it is inconsequential, just as it has always been.

BSU made this decision and it just backfired. THAT'S ALL.

The king isn't dead, his porcelain throne is backed up though.

QUIT BEATING YOURSELVES UP, It's not your job to run the college and all the guilt is so wrong. I've tried to tell you that for a while and it doesn't mean you can't be upset.

Your mother should know.


It you go online and yell FAQ YOU TOO

You are cut off at the well son.

I don't think the Big East is dying

The WAC is dead and the remaining teams will be headed to the MWC, who is desperately trying to save itself with a merger with CUSA, but what I find difficult to understand is why the MWC wants to join forces with CUSA considering that it was the overgrown 16 team WAC that was the impetus that created the MWC to begin with, so I'm baffled as to why Thompson and the remaining presidents would favor merging into such a large conference. Safety in numbers I guess, but then again, when it comes to revenue sharing, well... 30 schools is a lot to share with

too much

I went out and mowed the yard, thought about this comment, and realized I came at you too hard. We can agree to disagree but I'll leave personal attacks out. sorry...


kustra has really screwed up bigtime...The $5 million should come out of his pocket..

And how did

Kustra screw up?

got his slobber and tooth marks all over the pen


It you go online and yell FAQ YOU TOO

You are cut off at the well son.



Don't fret, your child will learn other words with training


It you go online and yell FAQ YOU TOO

You are cut off at the well son.

finally someone with a

finally someone with a clue!!! @transplant

Poor ceesey

it just burns you that Kustra has done a good job.....

BSU and the Big East

The Big East would be a step up from the MWC and we'd be back on ESPN nationwide. We'd play in bigger markets and that helps recruiting. The MWC is the WAC 3.0 and with a horrific TV contract and the The Mtn is gone now too. Let's compete in the larger, with it's new members, Big East and go coast-to-coast with the TV/Media coverage.

That's just crap if not full-blown syphilis, kid.


It you go online and yell FAQ YOU TOO

You are cut off at the well son.

In the CBS McMurphy Article

he quotes the former Big 12 acting commissioner Chuck Neinas, who told USA Today that the Big East is no longer a power conference, and consequently, shouldn't be paid like one. This might be bad news for the Big East because if AQ is going away, and the Big 12 takes Louisville, and a lucrative TV contract in jeporady the MW might just be more attractive afterall.

Neinas can't count

In 2013 the Big East will have 3 teams who finished in the Top 25 (#6, #14, #21) last year. This is the same number but higher ranked than the ACC (#17, #22, #23) and one more than the Pac-12. The ACC is 2-13 in BCS games. Maybe there's a reason Nienas is no longer commissioner.

He got tired of all this crap?


It you go online and yell FAQ YOU TOO

You are cut off at the well son.

Big East is/has Changed

The football powers of the Big East have left or are considering leaving.
Big East will remain a BB powerhouse.
Time to reevaluate how BSU fits into the new Big East.
If additional football power schools leave, BSU should stay where they are and tell the Big East that since the football deal has changed since BSU signed on, the $5 million fee is no longer valid.

If BSU "stays where they are" ...

they're going to find themselves in a bloated MWC/CUSA - 30 team conference

I'm no expert on tv contract revenue sharing, but I do know that if you cut a pizza into 30 slices, the slices sure are going to be small.



It you go online and yell FAQ YOU TOO

You are cut off at the well son.

it's good to have options

in uncertain times. Unless a Big East TV deal is in place by July 1, 2013, I think it is a big risk to move forward. That being the case, staying in the new MWC/WAC is a step backward for BSU football. Playing SJSU, New Mexico, UNLV, and Colorado St, isn't going to push excitement meter very far.

No decision is necessary until June 30, 2013, at which time there may be more clarity.

I know the Pac12 has many reasons not to consider Boise Sate, but lets look at the support some of these teams receive. Washington State had an average home attendance last year of 28,791 (capacity 35,117) against Pac12 competition. UCLA drew 56,645 (Rose Bowl capacity 92,542) in a city of 17 million (LA Metro).

The Big 12 doesn't travel far for most of their games so perhaps the prospect of traveling to Boise, ID every other year makes that a long shot. In either case, without an invite there isn't much BSU can do but keep their options open and look for the best opportunity.

PAC 12? Are you serious?

I'm sure that Tenn-Martin deal pushed the excito-mater off the charts. UNLV is a storied program with more national championships than bsu has students. They have had a couple down years in FB, but come on.... What you neglected to say was the WSU averaged 28,971 in a town of 27,619. When's the last time the donks had 205k at a game?

Let's just look at WSU v bsu:
Student:Faculty -
WSU 15:1
bsu 21:1
WSU Endowment - 669 Million
bsu Endowment - 64 Million
WSU 4yr Grad Rate - 40%
bsu 4yr Grad Rate - 6%

Those be the dregs of the PAC 12, son. Do you have to be reminded who the heck beat you last in the regular season (before TCU, in a non-bowl game) on that blue carpet! That's some funny stuff, eagledumbss.


is also a land grant institution.