Candidate rebuttal: Hoffman pledges 'conservative voice' in District 21

Here's another candidate rebuttal, this one from Charles Hoffman of Boise, one of four Republicans running for House Seat B in legislative District 21.

On Thursday, the Statesman endorsed Mike Vuittonet in this race. Hoffman's rebuttal:

I entered the District 21B House race to fill the vacated seat with a conservative voice. As I have listened to many parents, grandparents and young adults, it has become even more clear why I am in the election for House Seat 21B.

The overwhelming feedback as I speak to the voters has been about jobs, taxes and education.

EDUCATION: Voters are saying they want accountability, vouchers and more charter schools. (I recently spoke to a charter school representative that spoke of 700 children applying for a kindergarten class of 43.) They do not want more of the same school board and union policies with progressive/liberal agendas driving them.

JOBS: The economic challenges are affecting everyone as they are asking what it will take to get companies to move here and provide opportunities and to grow the business we have.

TAXES: And finally, District 21 is not happy with the current and future schemes to increase taxes for schools and social programs without accountability, management and transparency to the programs.

I am the only candidate in this race with the knowledge, skills, ability and values to get Idaho’s economy growing again, secure personal freedoms and reduce the size of government.

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Another Yahoo

Sounds like he would fit with the other clowns. What do they do, use cookie cutters to come up with these losers?