District 19 House A: BSU's Arbiter features Rohn, his Alzheimer's research

Troy Rohn, a Democratic candidate for District 19 A, was featured this week in an article in Boise State University's student newspaper, The Arbiter.

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Rohn has been a biology professor and researcher at Boise State University since 2000.

One of Rohn's major platform issues is education — specifically, how to increase the number of science, technology, engineering and math graduates in Idaho.

Rohn says 41,000 STEM-related jobs will need to be filled in Idaho by 2018.

"We are no where near being able to fill these potential high-paying jobs in Idaho," he said in a release. "The goal of involving students in research is to give them an opportunity to learn laboratory techniques and contribute to ongoing projects in the lab involving Alzheimer's disease, which in turn may stimulate their interest in STEM-related graduate degree programs."