Sporting News ranks Boise State's Petersen as No. 2 coach in the nation

By Brian Murphy

How good is Boise State football coach Chris Petersen? Would you believe he's No. 2?

Sporting News ranked the Broncos' boss No. 2 in its rankings of the 124 Football Bowl Subdivision head coaches, behind only Alabama's Nick Saban and his three national titles.

Petersen is 73-6 in six seasons as head coach, including two Fiesta Bowl victories.

Idaho coach Robb Akey was listed at No. 95 on the list. The Sporting News writes that since the Vandals' 2009 bowl season "the program has almost completely receded from our consciousness."

Here is the top 10:

1. Nick Saban, Alabama

2. Chris Petersen, Boise State

3. Urban Meyer, Ohio State

4. Les Miles, LSU

5. Bob Stoops, Oklahoma

6. Chip Kelly, Oregon

7. Gary Patterson, TCU

8. Steve Spurrier, South Carolina

9. Frank Beamer, Virginia Tech

10. Mike Gundy, Oklahoma State

Interestingly, Petersen's Boise State teams have defeated Oklahoma, Oregon (once with Kelly as head coach, once as offensive coordinator), TCU (with two losses) and Virginia Tech with their current head coaches.

Other schools of note:

13. Mark Dantonio, Michigan State

14. Mark Richt, Georgia

15. Bronco Mendenhall, BYU

22. June Jones, SMU

23. Chris Ault, Nevada

29. Troy Calhoun, Air Force

55. Mike Riley, Oregon State

58. Dave Christensen, Wyoming

81. Gary Andersen, Utah State

86. Jim McElwain, Colorado State

88. Rocky Long, San Diego State

95. Robb Akey, Idaho

96. Bob Davie, New Mexico

98. Norm Chow, Hawaii

105. Tim DeRuyter, Fresno State

120. Bobby Hauck, UNLV

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Congratulations Coach Pete,

But I don't think this comes as a huge surprise to any of us Bronco faithful. And the fact that he's had a multitude of opportunities but has chosen to stay in Boise, is equally as awesome as his #2 ranking....Sunny...


Not really a surprise with Coach Pete. But how does Urban Meyer get ranked so high? He has yet to lead a down for Ohio State.

Maybe because he's won two

Maybe because he's won two recent National Championships while coaching in the toughest conference (SEC) in college football unlike Petersen that has been successful while coaching is the easiest conference in college football (WAC) and MWC. It's a lot harder to win in a good conference than it is in a VERY VERY weak conference. Petersen may be a good coach but until he coaches a good team in a good conference and is a winner, he has not proven anything.

That's right

Those dudes at SPORTS Ill-ustrated don't know squat about sports let alone football......

ya because

Everybody who coaches in the wac and MWC was 50-3 over the past four seasons, so it must be easy to win all those games...idiot.

I used to think that the SEC was the toughest conference too

but after seeing BSU make UGA (SEC's 2011 East Division Champions) look like they didn't belong on the same field as the Broncos, well ....I'm not a believer anymore.

Oh man

I bet this is not sitting well with Gary Patterson. And how long has it been since Urban Meyer has coached and won a college football game? No way should he be up there in 3rd.

And how long has it been

And how long has it been since Petersen won a NC??? That's right...he hasn't!

And how long has it been..

nt, sorry someone licked all the red off your candy....just because your coach Akey didn't score real high doesn't mean you should dislike Coach should be worried about the CofI starting a football program before Idaho goes back to the Big Sky; they'll attract several valley kids who might otherwise had gone to Idaho....

cue the puny pony

to post a comment about cupcakes. maybe the puny little pony is still asleep and his mom has not yet awakened his unemployed hide.

I am surprised

that Akey is rated at #95. This quote "the program has almost completely receded from our consciousness." is an understatement!

And yet it's important

And yet it's important enough for you to take the time to search it out and make a commment....


Idaho is an academic school; you know, the whole reason for colleges in the first place??

sure they are

top 100 in what?


# 1 Saban-- 3 national titles--SEC competition
#2 Coach Pete-- 2 Maaco's and a Fiesta--weak competition--seems off........


make that 2 Fiestas. Besides, Saban has the privilege of being in the old man's club, which means he can do whatever he wants and get away with it(I'm certain that the entire SEC breaks the rules all of the time and the NCAA simply just doesn't care, see Cam Newton). Petersen, on the other hand, has to bust his tail off with little resources that he has, so I think this rating is pretty good. But go ahead and makes excuses Mr. Vandal. I'm sure that is what makes you feel better.

well beaglefan

the number of players drafted into the nfl sums it up efficiently. 2 and 3 star recruits going to the nfl while saban gets any player he wants, all 4 star players.

Four Stars??? Saban also

Four Stars??? Saban also gets five stars and he had four players that went int he first round this year and five last year. Also, where did Kellen Moore go in the draft??? That's right...he wasn't drafted in ANY round!

The Draft

is overrated. There are a lot of players that were drafted that ended up doing nothing, and there are many players that went undrafted that did very well(ex: John Randle, Shannon Sharpe). I don't see how players being drafted is necessarily a reflection of a college football program.

great point nt

That just validates that coach Pete is a superior coach because he has that winning percentage with 2 and 3 star recruits vs the coaches who have rosters full of 4 and 5 star guys.


Your boy at 95??? Time for you to uncork the bubbly.

Eaglefan - I totally agree

Eaglefan - I totally agree with you!


Should make Eaglefan's day that you agreed with him. ( boring)

eaglefan you are wrong

Nothing new about vandal fans being wrong. Even broken clocks are more accurate than delusional vandal fans. Boise State does have 2 Maaco Bowl wins, that is twice the number of Bowl wins or bowl invites the vandals have received this century. Boise has 2 not 1 but 2 Fiesta Bowl wins. The win over Oklahoma being of the best games ever played and certainly one of the most exciting finishes in a college football game. You vandals on the other hand cant even spike the ball without turning it over as a fumble, not to mention your deliberate uniform malfunction. Remember the I on the middle of the seat of your teams pants back in 2008 in your season opener body bag game when the Arizona Wildcats spanked you 72 zip. Since your team had the new unis well before the game, it was a deliberate decision to wear those pants at the game and make your team the laughing stock of college football. Pete deserves all the accolades and respect he has received. One does not win the Bear Bryant award twice by being chris tormey or rob akey. Perhaps you can get nick holt back and have another dog pile in the end zone. Petersen is the only coach to have ever won the Bear Bryant Award twice. Toodle off to the Big Sky where you can be a mediocre team enjoying marginal success and stay off the bottom feeder list of the the 10 worst teams in college football.

well said oldblue

although my recollection is they had either idaho or vandals on the seat of the pants. whatever it was, they were aware and it was boneheaded.

§ As some have commented elsewhere,

at least it wasn't a bullseye.!

I read on another site that the pants were ditched after the 70-0 debacle at Arizona (one game). "I was disappointed with the look and the appearance. We didn't realize how noticeable it would be until it was on our players," Spear said ...

Oh, okay.


One of the comments reads:

From here on out, I dub thee "the Butt Vandals."


Saban & Petersen's college coaching records speak for themselves

@ Toledo, Saban went 9-2 (81.82%)
@ Michigan St, Saban went 35-24-1 (59.32%)
@ LSU, Saban went 48-16 (75.00%)
@ Bama, Saban is 55-12 (82.09%)

Overall winning percentage for Nick Saban (73.00%)
Overall winning percentage for Chris Petersen (92.41%)

If you want to judge a coach, judge them by their winning percentages and not gift wrapped national titles.

Stoned Frogs!

Patterson should be bustin' out with a whining tirade to the media any time now personally blasting this ranking and listing a point by point summary of why he should be ranked higher....he's probably already summoned(in preparation for his media blast) that poor girl he usually has on the sidelines who is responsible for holding his personal sweat rag every game. Or, maybe he'll threaten to never help June Jones out ever again. In any case, great job Coach Pete! Well deserved.

Maybe dui should start a

Maybe dui should start a petition.

Purple Haze

I like Gary Patterson as a football coach. I think he has done a great job at TCU. But I love Chris Petersen not just for what he has accomplished at BSU, but also for the way he has gone about it.

I'm surprised that more SEC schools weren't represented in the top 10 ... oh that's right , Bobby Petrino fell off his motorcycle and isn't coaching anymore.

Michigan State note

Congratulations to Coach Peterson

Coach Pete strikes me as the kind of guy that doesn't care about these kind of rankings anyway, but definitely well deserved and everybody in the football world knows it. I live in ATL and there are a number of UGA fans that think Peterson will be the next coach at UGA. I doubt it. He's too smart to take that job.

I live in ATL too and I have

I live in ATL too and I have not heard anyone say Petersen would be the next coach nor have I heard Mark Richt is leaving UGA. "If" he leaves UGA in the near future (the next 12 months) the likely replacement will be Kirby Smart.

I didn't say Richt was leaving UGA...

But I have read in the AJC sports blogs a number of times over the last year where various dissatisfied UGA fans think Peterson would be a better coach and would like to have him. They're dreaming. I don't think it will happen. Even if Richt did leave. I also like Richt alot BTW and am not one of his detractors. He is a very good coach and seems like a great guy to lead young men. Same as Peterson.


You live in Atlanta and still find time to go online and bash a team clear across the continent. What, did they ban you off the local papers? Nobody wants to hear your banter? Or are the elementary school kids just a little too quick for you?

Here's the deal...

After Boise State stomped a mud hole with the UGA last year, some UGA fans were calling for Richt to be canned and for them to hire Coach Peterson. As a Boise State alumn and Bronco fan it was amusing to me in a way (but felt sorry for Richt because he is a good coach)Boise State was clearly the superior team in everyway.

You're right. . .

You're right, Coach Pete doesn't care. Why? Because his performance is on the field and with his players. He's a top class act guy who works extremely hard with lesser talent and sends them onward. Yeah, other schools send more of their players to the nfl, but they also have the 4-5 star recruits, and for Boise to send as much as they did, speaks volumes for what he can do with the so called "lesser" talent. Whenever I meet a fellow college football fan, not a BSU fan, they all have great things to say about him and admire him for sticking around rather than chasing the money.

Coach Peterson is a loyal

Coach Peterson is a loyal Bronco fan... We love him !!!!!!

Coach Peterson is a loyal

Coach Peterson is a loyal Bronco fan... We love him !!!!!!

Negative Fans Against Coach Pete?

I did not realize there was so many vANDuls reading these pages. Remember how this coach finished fourth in draft picks among all schools but yet you still are so shallow. I used to think if the U of I got rid of Coach Gump,I might root for them when they start playing in the BIG Sky. Nope!
It takes a bunch of loser fans to support a loser school so go BIG SKY, shut out Idaho, every game.

And worth

Every frickin nickel we underpay him! Congrats Pete!

Will be interesting......

how things shape up for him in a true rebuilding year.

Vandal Envy

I love how the vandal faithful can show up on message boards and bash everything Boise State but do not show up for their own home games. Their last senior day crowd was 7K, how pathetic. Maybe if they spent as much energy on building their university's future as they spend bashing Boise State they would not be faced with possibly dropping back to the Big Sky. Coach Pete has earned his recognition by the way he coaches, the results his teams produce and how he takes kids that were overlooked and turns them into NFL prospects. I love how the accolades BSU, Pete and his staff garner bring out the small minded pettiness that exemplifies the university of idaho. vandals go back to the Big Sky where you can enjoy mediocre results with marginal success like finishing in the top part of the bottom half of Big Sky Football.


I couldn't have said it better myself! The fact that the Vanduls waste so much time downgrading BSU shows that they have given up on their athletic department. They treat BSU in the same way that Chicago Cubs fans treat Steve Bartman, because that is the easy thing to do. They don't want BSU academics to improve, because they know that their academic standing above BSU is literally the only thing they have left. If they owned the SBOE like they did 20 years ago, BSU academics would be much, much worse than it is now(I know the grad rates are low), and there would not be any new buildings being constructed. It's obvious that things are changing, but it's also obvious that your typical Vandul does not want that kind of change to happen because she is afraid of change.

Old BB and Racy....

Dudes, quit worrying about us Vandals....I have two degrees from Moscow and have done ok in my work....I am proud of my stuff at Idaho and where I went with it....

Now on football....Boise is great....that greatness leads many wanting to see more of the Boise v Oregon, Boise v Oklahoma, or Boise v Georgia....great stuff....

However, that great stuff is far and inbetween for a top ten BCS....

Coach Pete is great and deserves #2, or even #1....

Now what? Tenn-Martin and the Big East....

Enjoy dudes....

Ugly the Vandal !!!!

Well Deserved

Coach Pete.

OK I don't want to kvetch but

Here is why I think Coach Pete is the best. Sabin coaches at Alabama. He has a football budget probably as big as BSU's entire university budget. He is in the SEC and gets many 5 and 4 star recruits. Coach Pete is at BSU, gets no 4 or 5 star recruits but recruits great players the rating services overlook. He puts together offenses and defenses along with the coordinators he hires of course, that get the job done often spectacularly. He runs a clean program. He and his coaches help his kids succeed in football and in life. Coach Pete has done so much for BSU and for Boise it is really amazing. Nothing against Coach Sabin, but Coach Pete is the complete man; skill, character, loyalty and everything else anyone would want in a coach. More than just a great coach, Coach Pete is a roll model and a truly fine man. Regardless of rankings, this Bronco says thanks you Coach Pete for all you have done for our university!

This ain't going to hurt

recruiting either. Great news!

Class act.

Coach Pete is a class act and a great coach. I've also noticed he will not wear the letters BSU. I've seen him with a B on his hat and Boise State, but never BSU. I'm surprised he hasn't told all the fans to quit wearing BS U-niversity letters.