Yes, Revolution Concert House is going to open

Back in January, I shared news on this blog that Revolution Concert House and Event Center, a new 2,200-capacity venue at Glenwood and Chinden, planned to open this summer.

I've received a steady trickle of inquiries — including two emails this week — from fans wanting updates.

Here's the story: Revolution won't open in July as previously hoped. However, owner Creston Thornton has a firm opening month, he says: Revolution will open in mid- to late August to take advantage of the increased foot traffic in the area from the Western Idaho Fair.

Expect the venue to announce its first several shows by the end of this month.


will also be "taking advantage" of the increased vehicular and pedestrian traffic as a new revenue stream.

Car 54 where are you?


It you go online and yell FAQ YOU TOO

You are cut off at the well son.


at 4am? Get a life.

Acoustics??? No.

Terrible place for concerts! An abandoned grocery store may have very cheap rent, but you would have to pay me to go to such a venue. The empty cavern's sound qualities won't be fixed by hanging a few pieces of plywood from the ceiling.
And it's within walking distance of what? Everyone will have to drive there since there is no public transportation available to that corner.
I'll bet the Garden City cops are happy, though. Just think how many tickets and arrests they'll be making on drunk (and otherwise) drivers racing down Chinden.
It's a bad idea whose time has come.

Judging without listening is never a good idea

OK, with the exception of Bad Irish. You knew the sound would be awful in the old Boise City National Bank building.

Bottom line: You do realize that the Knitting Factory is in an old renovated warehouse, right? The acoustics there are acceptable. The first tenant after that remodel back in the early 1990s was a short-lived place called Mugs & Movies. Then The Big Easy came in and did more work.

I have trouble believing Revolution isn't taking that aspect of renovation seriously. If the sound sucks, word will spread and people won't come.


Good an experienced promoter, I highly doubt Revolution is going to make the mistake of building a concert house with crappy sound. On top of that, there are quite a few advancements that have been made with sound systems that make up for any issues a specific space might have. They are used in arenas and "warehouses" around the country. Hopefully this leads to getting some better national acts coming into town that would otherwise skip Boise due to a lack of a 2000 seater. Sure would be a good boost to the local economy!

It doesn't mean we get more affordable shows however...

Just more $50 tickets and starving artists that don't get more than a handbill and mention online the day before the show.

It isn't a lack of venues at all. Even locals are grumbling about the cost (See the Lyle Lovett story). Big acts book months in advance, to the point of making it impossible to plan our tired lives around them and even so, the tickets next to the restroom are gone in no time as well. There goes your excuse.

You can't treat a REGIONAL MARKET like a corner in New York City. It's distasteful, disheartening and you're just handing your pocketbook to whatever fool wants it, so to speak.

I still can't WIN them from you, I really AM a foreignoregonian and so are all the Fugees.



It you go online and yell FAQ YOU TOO

You are cut off at the well son.