Idaho elections: The money race in local legislative races (UPDATED, 4:34 FRIDAY)

UPDATED, 4:34 p.m. Friday, to reflect the day's filings. Changes are in bold face.

Tuesday was the deadline for legislative candidates to file their pre-primary campaign finance reports.

I'll have more analysis from the reports here in the next couple days, but what I have posted here is a quick look at who has raised what, so far this election season.

Three important caveats:

1. This figures also reflect a candidate's cash on hand heading into the election year. In some cases, that is a significant figure. Sen. Patti Anne Lodge, R-Huston, for instance, came into 2012 with $39,998 in the campaign kitty.

2. I haven't broken down where the money is coming from — at least in this quick breakdown. A lot of these numbers are inflated by money the candidates have put into their own races, or loans. For example, Maurice Clements, the former legislator running against Lodge, has loaned $15,000 to his campaign.

3. These numbers are still subject to change. Candidates who receives a contribution of a $1,000 or more after filing their the pre-primary report must file a separate form within 48 hours. The fundraising totals reflect these "48-hour" reports, as posted by the secretary of state's office as of Wednesday morning.

That said, these numbers still give a pretty good indication of who's campaigning aggressively — and where the money is flowing. The most eye-popping numbers are the $50,000-plus war chests amassed by Lodge and fellow Senate incumbent Curt McKenzie, R-Nampa. Like Lodge, McKenzie faces spirited opposition in Tuesday's GOP primary.

Here are the raw numbers, as of Friday:

• District 10 Senate, GOP: Jim Rice (incumbent), $10,934; Kent Marmon, $1,686.
• District 10 House A, GOP: Brandon Hixon, $4,810; Jarom Wagoner, $1,500.

• District 11 Senate, GOP: Patti Anne Lodge (incumbent), $60,348, including $1,000 in new contributions; Maurice Clements, $19,050.
• District 11 House A, GOP: Gayle Batt (incumbent), $25,288; Greg Collett, $1,260.
• District 11, House B, GOP: Christy Perry (incumbent), $22,059; Matt Dorsey, $11,715; Ronalee Linsenmann, $8,406; John Gough, $392.

• District 12 Senate, GOP: Todd Lakey, 17,793; Robert Schaefer (now serving in House), $10,576, including a $1,000 contribution from the Idaho Association for Good Government, a PAC formed by state Rep. (and fellow state Senate candidate) Bob Nonini, R-Coeur d'Alene.
• District 12 Senate, Democrat: Maria Mabbutt, $139; Melissa Sue Robinson, no money raised.
• District 12 House A, GOP: Robert Anderst, $10,371; Roger Hunt, $1,500; Steve Nible, $815.
• District 12, House B, GOP: Rick Youngblood, $11,725; Sherri Nible, $815; Aaron Gonzalez, no money raised.

• District 13 Senate, GOP: Curt McKenzie (incumbent), $53,857; Hubert Osborne, $12,928.

• District 14 Senate, GOP: Marv Hagedorn (now serving in House), $18,278; Stan Bastian, $7,364; Gary Bauer, $1,600.

• District 14 House B, GOP: Reed DeMordaunt (incumbent), $12,140; Michael Greenway, $391.

• District 15 House A, Democrat: Richard Keller, $2,284; John Hart, $375.
• District 15, House B, GOP: Mark Patterson, $7,225; Curtis Ellis, $6,850.

• District 16, House B, Democrat: Hy Kloc, $11,425; David Honey, no money raised.
• District 16, House B, GOP: Graham Paterson, $4,180; Fairy Hitchcock, $18.

• District 17 Senate, GOP: Judy Peavey-Derr, $850; Thomas Bullock, no money raised.
• District 17, House B, Democrat: Sue Chew (incumbent), $5,716; Greg Nielson, $225.

• District 18, Senate, Democrat: Branden Durst, $6,356; Matthew Duncan ($250).
• District 18, House B, GOP: John Hruby $6,694; Brad Bolicek, $800.

• District 19, House A, Democrat: Mathew Erpelding, $13,986; Troy Rohn, $8,681; J. Dallas Gudgell, $5,664.
• District 19, House A, GOP: Geoffrey Talmon, $270; Mike Washburn, $40.
• District 19, House B, Democrat: Brad Goodsell, $11,270; Holli High Woodings, $10,284; Andy Edstrom, no money raised.

• District 20, House A, GOP: Joe Palmer (incumbent), $18,235; Richard Dees, $3,500; Chris MacCloud, $1,000.
• District 20, House B, GOP: Tom LeClaire, $7,213; James Holtzclaw, $5,468; Patrick Malloy, $5,005.

• District 21, House A, GOP: Robert Simison, $24,074; Steven Harris, $8,200; Parrish Miller, $2,925.
• District 21, House B, GOP: Charles Hoffman, $9,695; Mike Vuittonet, $7,973; Thomas Dayley, $1,662; Lori Shewmaker, $910.

• District 22, House B, GOP: Fred Tilman, $9,700; Jason Monks, $8,733; Michael Law, $1,245; Stephen Warren, $125.

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Follow The Money

Follow the money and you will see who has been bought off and who has not. I'll vote for the candidate who doesn't have money. They are the real people who can speak for themselves not what they are told to say or vote.Time for a change in our government, and the old way of money buy's votes isn't working out too well.

Excellent comment and

Excellent comment and definitely a description of what has been happening. In fact, campaigns should be limited to the amount of the salary paid for the position sought.

I've wondered about that

When someone is spending more for the position than it pays, particularly if they're donating their own money, I really wonder what it is they're expecting to gain.

keep in mind that for some

keep in mind that for some people, politics is their hobby, especially at the state level. Are we to now limit what someone can spend on their dry fly fishing habit?

(playing devils advocate a bit here)

County Races Too

Dave Case has received thousands of dollars in campaign contributions from dog racing magnate Paul W. Bryant Jr. of Tuscaloosa, Alabama. Why is an Alabama conglomerate donating funds to an Ada County, ID commission race? There’s more.

He has also received a thousand dollars from Winning for Idaho, a gambling Pac that gets its money from Paul Bryant’s company Coeur d’Alene Racing. Remember them? You know the dog track in Post Falls that was closed down by Gov. Phil Batt for animal cruelty? Yeah, THOSE guys.

I see other familiar names too. Russell Westerberg( lobbyist), Joanne Hood-McGarvin (lobbyist, works for Westerberg, runs Idaho Wins, works for Winning for Idaho, was the registered agent and spokesperson for Treasure Valley Racing LLC), Harry Bettis, and Larry Williams. All these people are tied together with Paul Bryant Jr.’s companies Green Group Inc, Allease Inc (Formerly known as Greene County Greyhound Park) AMI Management Inc. All of Tuscaloosa, Alabama and all have the exact same mailing address! Questions about mob involvement, insurance fraud and the Dixie Mafia have been raised in several articles and Federal Investigations involving these companies over the years.

So what’s the scoop? Are the gambling lobbyists hoping to get Case, and Tibbs (They are financing him too) to approve some form of casino gambling in Ada County? The goal of Winning for Idaho is to legalize slots at Idaho racetracks. Winning for Idaho is funded by Coeur d’Alene Racing which is owned by Green Group Inc of Alabama which is owned by Paul Bryant Jr. And Case has the NERVE to question Dynamis? Of course he also got a grand from Republic Services who has the trash hauling contract in Ada County and isn’t too thrilled about Dynamis either.

His whole campaign reeks of political corruption and future favor granting. Maybe its time the public knew it too. His campaign finance report can be seen at;

Vern Bisterfeldt...

John_Dough, despite your allegations of a great gambling conspiracy, Vern Bisterfeldt - one of Idaho's most honest public servants - has strongly endorsed Dave Case. Vern's word and endorsement really means a lot to me. I'll vote for Mr. Case.

You can't be serious!

Vern Bisterfeldt took campaign money from Winning for Idaho too. He also took money from Republic Services, who happens to have the trash hauling contract with Ada County, AFTER the primary in 2010. So don't hand me that HONESTY crap!

Vern Bisterfeldt...

John_Dough, despite your allegations of a great gambling conspiracy, Vern Bisterfeldt - one of Idaho's most honest public servants - has strongly endorsed Dave Case. Vern's word and endorsement really means a lot to me. I'll vote for Mr. Case.

See Above

Campaign finance reports tell it all!

Here's a link ...

to the Election Central blog:

Kevin Richert
editorial page editor

very interesting

very interesting observations.

I do like the idea of picking the bottom financed options jsut to make sure to kick out anyone that is established enough to have big campaign funds.

Awesome Idea

What a GREAT idea. Nuff said.


John_Dough, you may disagree with my decision to accept Vern Bisterfeldt's strong endorsement of Dave Case. However, you may not call my decision "crap". I know Vern Bisterfeldt. Many other people in Boise and the Treasure Valley know Vern Bisterfeldt. He's as honest as they come. Not just in comparison to politicians. He's an honest human being. Now, knock off the "crap" crap. Idaho Power has endorsed several candidates. Is there a big conspiracy? Doubtful. Vern Bisterfeldt's opinion is sage advice. I'm voting for Dave Case.

Wall St. or Main St.?

Money does buy elections nowdays, but I hope that it doesn't buy the race that I am in, as my opponent has the Governor helping him. Do you want a Senator that associates with you and your friends, or a Senator that associates at the Country Club?