District 19 House A: Erpelding endorsed by former Boise Councilman Mapp

Mat Erpelding, a Democratic candidate for Idaho House of Representatives District 19 A, announced Wednesday that he has received the endorsement of former Boise City Councilman Jerome Mapp.

Erpelding is a small business owner and educator. He worked as a policy aide to House Minority Caucus Chairman Brian Cronin.

Mapp's endorsement:

"Mat Erpelding is the right person for District 19, House Seat A. He has a strong grasp of the issues, and I am impressed by his detailed knowledge and his strong work ethic. Mat is not a single-issue candidate; he has a vision for Idaho’s future.

• Mat is an educator who has spent the last 16 years developing teachers and cultivating leaders, Mat knows that high quality educational opportunities have positive impact on the economic health and future of our great State.

•As a small business owner, Mat understands the how our government can enact policies that would have positive impacts on local businesses. Mat has a strong interest in creating a diverse business environment in Boise and Ada County.

Mat is a strong leader and will be an enthusiastic and energetic advocate on issues that are important to D19. In my experience, there are times when it is necessary to make very difficult decisions. Mat has the capacity to fully understand all the angles of an issue to make the best decision possible. I am very impressed with Mat’s education and work experience. Please join me in supporting Mat Erpelding for District 19 House Seat A."

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