Idaho politics: Bill Sali surfaces, will stump for Phil Hart

A bit far afield, but noteworthy.

Former U.S. Rep. Bill Sali will appear Wednesday night at a Coeur d'Alene fund-raiser for embattled state Rep. Phil Hart, R-Hayden, and House candidate Ron Mendive, R-Coeur d'Alene.

According to an ad on the Coeur d'Alene Press website, the suggested minimum contribution is $25 per person.

Hart, a four-term lawmaker, has been embroiled in a protracted fight over his state and federal income taxes. Hart questions the constitutionality of the income tax. In April, the Idaho Supreme Court ordered Hart to pay the state $53,000 in taxes, interest and penalties.

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Welcome to "Dumb & Dumber 2012"


GOP; the party of clowns. No need for entertainment as these guys just keep us entertained with their destruction of GOP.

By their fruit(s) you shall know them....

OK Kevin, this is how many examples of this political meme at work in Idaho during your career?

Phil Hart can only find the

Phil Hart can only find the brain-injured to stump for him?

Looks like Bill Sali has abandoned his hopes of running again,

if he now aligns himself with criminals like Phil Hart. Even a corrupt Republican party is unlikely to elect more criminals.

Placing any bets the Rs are

Placing any bets the Rs are unlikely to elect more criminals. Gotta bridge to sell ya.

C'mon up Sali,

bring your chainsaw. We can stump all over state endowment land.

anyone have returns for any

anyone have returns for any county but Ada & Canyon? It seems par for the course that other counties have barely any returns online.