Candidate rebuttal: Hixon touts experience with Canyon County GOP

Brandon Hixon says his four years of experience working in local Republican Party circles make him the best-qualified candidate for an old House race in District 10.

Hixon, of Caldwell, submitted a rebuttal to our Thursday endorsement of local planner Jarom Wagoner, also a Caldwell Republican.

Here is Hixon's rebuttal, in full:

My name is Brandon Hixon and I am running for District 10, House Seat A. I understand, as I am sure you do as well, that picking a candidate in the primary election is extremely important. My opponent claims that he has more experience than I do just because of his employment as a county planner. I do not feel working at a county job gives one more experience for a legislative position. Not at all. Let me give a brief experience review and what I bring to the table for this important position.

I have been hard at work to uphold conservative values in Canyon County now for four years with the Republican Party. I currently hold the titles of precinct alternate chairman and presidential caucus chairman. I also won the 2012 Canyon County Republican of the Year Award. This prestigious award includes current and past governors, representatives, senators and other Republican leaders. This award is earned, not just freely given. I will exercise these same convictions next year as your state representative. There is a reason that I have been endorsed by the current leadership in District 10, Rep. Darrell Bolz and Sen. Jim Rice, which many of you have already put your trust in. I have proven my positions over the years, but here is an important review:

• Strong advocate of government fiscal responsibility. I will also fight to lower taxes.

• I will be a solid supporter of the constitution, both state and federal. This is vital to the protection of our way of life.

• I believe that strong families are the very fundamental basis for upholding our conservative beliefs to promote an exceptional society. I am very pro-life.

• I will actively listen to my constituents and promote your concerns/ideas in the Legislature. I believe strongly in self-responsibility.

• I will fight to make Canyon County a business-friendly environment, and minimize government taxation and regulation to attract desperately needed, quality jobs.

I, along with many others, feel like the time is right to offer my time and talent to District 10. Join me and take a stand for the conservative values we see disappearing every day. Cast your vote on May 15 for Brandon Hixon. If you live in Caldwell and want to talk, feel free to call me directly on my personal cell at (208) 440-1074.

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