District 19 House B: Cronin endorses Woodings

The campaign for Holli High Woodings -- who is a Democratic candidate for the Idaho House of Representatives, District 19B -- announced Monday that Woodings has received the endorsement of Minority Caucus Chairman Brian Cronin.

Cronin was elected to two terms as the Representative for District 19B. He announced in the spring that he wasn't seeking a third term.

For a complete listing of Woodings' endorsements, visit her
campaign Web site.

In his endorsement, Cronin said:

“Holli will work hard to build the kind of future we seek for our children in Idaho: stronger investments in our schools and universities, a more diverse, secure, clean energy portfolio, and protection of our open spaces and unique quality of life,” Cronin said. “Holli has demonstrated an unwavering commitment to our community and I know that she will stand up for our values in the Legislature.”

Woodings runs a public relations firm that specializes in promoting and growing Idaho's clean energy sector. She is president of the North End Neighborhood Association.

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