Candidate audio: Interviews are live, uncut and complete

If you want to hear the candidates talk — in depth and uncut — about the key issues, our candidate audio page is now complete.

Over the past five weeks, our editorial board interviewed 73 candidates for Congress, Legislature and county office. The interviews generally run 20 to 30 minutes in length.

I am subjective observer, of course, but I'm really proud of the effort here — especially from tireless volunteer community representatives Steve Ahrens, Hal Bunderson and Lindy High. They asked a lot of insightful, thoughtful questions, and that comes through in the audio.

Legislative and county races don't always get the kind of in-depth attention they deserve, so I hope the audio helps voters make more informed decisions.

Think of it as Spotify for political junkies.

So listen away — and if you have feedback, please comment here.

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this is a real service you provide

People have different opinions about the Statesman and your perspectives on things, but putting up the audio complete and unedited allows them to listen and make their own decisions. Thanks.


It's great to get complete and uncut versions of candidate interviews. I wonder what freudian slips will reveal the true nature of the next McGee or Hart to current voters. I hope this helps weed out the wierdos.

I trust you. You say you are a subjective observer, of course.

Please help me and define you bias. I am who I am. Who are you?


Text is the choice for those of us who have a hearing disability. :(

Anderst for Himself.

Heard the audio, Wasn't impressed. No actual plan for business or economic road blocks? Fund colleges but wait and see on public schools. Admits to having money backing from big business and lobbyist groups, sending out expensive mailers. Give me a break, his vote was bought off the day he announced. Tom Dale REALLY!!!!

What is he hiding?

Did Rick Youngblood have no comment because he doesn't want to answer questions about his political committee he runs called (Idaho voters for local control). $30,806.75 YES that's DOLLARS, of lobbyist money. Is his vote already bought and paid for? So what if he gets elected and dissolves his association with this group, we all know who's back pocket the Money will be in!


They may be unedited and complete, but if they were recorded earlier, they aren't "live."


may be they meant that the hosting is now live, aka available?

Precinct Races

Is there any plan to extend this coverage to party Precinct Chair positions?