Idaho touts biotech deal as sign of success of China trade mission

A Moscow biotech company signed a deal with a Shanghai dairy corporation during Gov. Butch Otter’s trade mission to China last month.

BioTracking, of Moscow will sell pregnancy tests for cows to Bright Dairy and Foods, one of China’s largest dairy companies under a memorandum of understanding signed when Otter visited. Two years earlier Otter brought Nancy and Garth Sasser, the developers of the technology, to the attention of the dairy company.

The test has a 99 percent accuracy rating and knowing when a cow is pregnant is critical to productivity for a dairy farm.

Otter called the mission, which had 16 Idaho companies, a success in an interview Wednesday with Neal Larsen of KID AM Radio in Idaho Falls.

“All the other companies had good appointments, made good progress on entry or expansion into the Chinese market,” Otter told Larsen.

Larsen asked Otter how he responds to critics of Chinese investment in Idaho. Otter said any investors have to obey Idaho laws. He said he sees a lot of free market principles developing in China.

But if Idahoans want to reject investment from China just because they are Communist, “I don’t agree with their conclusions but I understand their concerns,” Otter told Larsen.

Is this where we show them how to ...

pollute their environment better then they already do? I think those two headed fish that are showing up in eastern Idaho streams could be a delicacy in China with the ever popular "Fish heads and Rice bowl" meals. Wonder if the milk can be cut with melamine, just like the melamine baby formula?

Who were

the 16 Idaho companies that had success with the Chinese Communist?
I applaude Otters Nay vote on the Patriot Act when he was in congress, but his "coziness," with the Communist Chinese and the Cubans, will very likely not be beneficial to the majority of Idahoans. The Patriot Act pales in comparison to the rights that the Chinese and Cuban people have lost under their Communist regimes.

change of heart

Good point go4it.

Otter was one of 3 Republicans to vote against the Patriot Act. Ron Paul was also of the 3.

But when there is money on the table, principles are not so important.
Makes me think of mormon farmers growing hops and barley for Budweiser.

That being said, China is changing drastically. But they still hate civil rights.