A little payback? Jim Risch endorses Bert Brackett

U.S. Sen. Jim Risch took the unusual step of endorsing in a state Senate race today, choosing Sen. Bert Brackett, R-Rogerson, over Sen. Tim Corder, R-Mountain Home.

No one ever accused Risch of having a short political memory. So consider this.

In August 2006, while a member of the House, Brackett supported then-Gov. Risch's legislation to dismantle the property tax for day-to-day K-12 spending, replacing most of the money with a 1-cent increase in the sales tax rate. Corder was among just four Senate Republicans to vote against Risch.

Here is the Brackett for Senate news release:

Today, U.S. Senator Jim Risch announced his support of fellow rancher, businessman and Republican, Senator Bert Brackett showing the tremendous amount of support the Brackett for Senate Campaign is receiving from conservative leaders throughout the Gem State.

“Bert and Paula Brackett are leaders in so many ways. Bert’s commitment to building strong families, ensuring a better education and helping create jobs for Idaho make him the best candidate for the State Senate,” said U.S. Senator Jim Risch. Risch added, “Bert is committed to making Idaho a fiscally-responsible and business-friendly place to live and we can never have enough leaders like him serving."

Brackett said, “Paula and I are humbled by the amount of support the campaign has been receiving and are grateful for the support shown to us by Senator Jim Risch. He and Vicki led our state with distinction as Governor and First Lady and are making the same positive impact on our nation in the United States Senate. We are working hard to unite Republicans in Elmore, Twin Falls and Owyhee counties behind our shared goals of limited government, personal responsibility, respect for the Constitution, job growth through economic prosperity and lower taxes.”

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How dare Corder think for himself !

Heaven forbid he think for himself and vote based on what he thinks is best rather than just follow the party line.


This is not a surprise; Brackett's got a GOP nose ring while Corder has shown he thinks for himself and represents his constinuency -- unlike Risch who is self-serving.

Who wrote the press release; it wasn't Brackett.

I would bet his campaign manager wrote it

It doesn't really sound like him, does it?

Bert Brackett's fleecing of America

As shown by Tom Brokaw and NBC. Brackett picked up a cool million dollars of taxpayer money because of the extension of the bombing range on PUBLIC land.

Worthless with Risch

Given the good Senator is at best when a total dud in Washington, I am not sure that is an endorsement you want. While Crapo and Simpson attempt to go to work and get things done...Labrador has at least found his office and the T.V. cameras you wouldn't even know Senator Risch is doing anything for Idaho. Must be camped at Boehner's office to see which way to vote. Worthless...we could do a lot better.

Why is it the republicans always have a label which is polar

opposite in reality and is totally opposite of what they stand for? His campaign statement states "Bert’s commitment to building strong families, ensuring a better education and helping create jobs for Idaho make him the best candidate for the State Senate,” --- So what this really means is the exact opposite. The multi-millionaire public lands rancher was previously trying to eliminate property tax that pays for education of the states school children. How is that supportive of strong families and better education?


History will judge Jim Risch as Governor harshly. To have done so much damage in so little time is truly remarkable. As for Corder, "we love him for the enemies he has made".

Tim Corder

Even when I disagree with the guy I respect the heck out of him. Its ALWAYS better to have a man who thinks for himself as long as he is actually thinking. Hope dist 23 agrees with me on this. Guys like Bert Brackett are a dime a dozen in Idaho. Guys like Tim Corder show our true spirit and are rarer than one would hope