Boise State football will have Mountain West games on ESPN in 2012

By Brian Murphy

Mountain West TV schedule announced

The Mountain West announced its national television schedule Thursday afternoon — and it contains good news for Boise State fans who long for games on ESPN.

In addition to the Aug. 31 opener at Michigan State, the Broncos' games with BYU (now on Thursday, Sept. 20) and Nevada (Sat., Dec. 1) will be on the ESPN family of networks. The BYU game is set for ESPN. The Nevada game could be on ABC, ESPN or ESPN2.

With the demise of the Mtn. — the network goes off the air at the end of the month — the Mountain West needed to find more platforms for its games. In addition, CBS Sports, the primary rightsholder for Mountain West games, must place a certain number of games on networks that reach more households.

Boise State TV schedule:

Fri., Aug. 31 at Michigan State, 6 p.m. (ESPN)

Sat., Sept. 15 vs. Miami of Ohio, 2 p.m. (NBC Sports)

Thurs., Sept. 20 vs. BYU, TBD (ESPN)

Sat., Sept. 29 at New Mexico, TBD (No TV announced at this time; Mountain West controls TV rights)

Sat., Oct. 6 at Southern Miss, TBD (No TV announced; Conference USA controls TV rights)

Sat., Oct. 13 vs. Fresno State, 1:30 p.m. (NBC Sports)

Sat., Oct. 20 vs. UNLV, 1:30 p.m. (NBC Sports)

Sat., Oct. 27 at Wyoming, 1:30 p.m. (CBS Sports)

Sat., Nov. 3 vs. San Diego State, 8:30 p.m. (CBS Sports)

Sat., Nov. 10 at Hawaii, 5 p.m. (NBC Sports)

Sat., Nov. 17 vs. Colorado State, 1:30 p.m. (NBC Sports)

Sat., Dec. 1 at Nevada, TBD (ABC, ESPN or ESPN2)

The New Mexico game is controlled by the Mountain West and could find a television home shortly, according to MW Commissioner Craig Thompson.

"This is the first phase of plans for the 2012-13 academic year," said Mountain West Commissioner Craig Thompson. "We are working with CBS Sports Network and member institutions to map out regional and local plans for the remaining 2012 football inventory. We anticipate announcing additional telecasts from these efforts in the coming weeks."

The new arrangement worked out very well for Boise State. But not so well for some other Mountain West teams.

Number of national TV broadcasts:

Boise State: 10
Air Force: 6
Nevada: 6
Hawaii: 4
Fresno State: 4
Colorado State: 1 (vs. Boise State)
Wyoming: 1 (vs. Boise State)
New Mexico: 0

Note: League trying to find TV for remaining games.

Bears waive Venable

The Chicago Bears have waived former Boise State safety Winston Venable.

Venable, Boise State's 2010 defensive MVP, played in 12 games for Chicago and made eight tackles as an undrafted free agent rookie in 2011.

Atkinson picked in Canadian Football League draft

Boise State defensive tackle Michael Atkinson, who will be a senior this fall, was picked in the third round of Thursday's CFL draft by the Hamilton Tiger-Cats. Atkinson, 6-foot and 312 pounds, is from Windsor, Ontario.

Former Boise State defensive lineman Tyrone Crawford is the No. 1-rated Canadian prospect, but he was selected by the Dallas Cowboys in the third round of last week's NFL Draft and has not been picked yet. Crawford did not get picked in the CFL Draft.

Potter honored for academics

Former Boise State offensive tackle Nate Potter was selected to the 2012 National Football Foundation & College Hall of Fame Hampshire Honor Society. Potter attended Boise's Timberline High.

The Hampshire Honor Society is comprised of college football players from all divisions that maintained a cumulative grade-point average of 3.2 or higher in college. To qualify, an individual must also be a starter or significant contributor in his last year of eligibility and meet all NCAA-mandated progress towards degree requirements and graduation.

Potter, a business major, was selected in the seventh round of last week's NFL Draft by the Arizona Cardinals.

What does "waived" mean for

What does "waived" mean for Venable?


It means ...

... he is no longer on the Bears' roster.

-- murph

It means................

He should have played baseball like his Dad and his brother!

It means players who make ...

their living on cheap shots usually don't last long.

phony pony

You mean players like Bill Romanowski?

Cheap shots?

What cheap shots?

This may help you....

No videos?

I'm just supposed to take the word of people trying to be political? No F-ing way.

I didn't see the hit in the NFL, but the hit against the Oregon State player was a BS call. Benson, trying hard to be a political stooge, decided to make an issue out of something that wasn't there.

Call it whatever you want. But, a "cheap shot" it wasn't.

Aug 31, 2012

August 31, 2012, is on a FRIDAY......not a Saturday.

Yup ...

... Fixed.

-- murph

A little bit worried.....

BSU plays BYU 5 days after playing Miami OH.... however BYU should be the most worried, they have to play BSU 5 days after playing at UTAH. The short turn around time will be interesting to see how each team reacts.

Remember VT.....


BSU - Nevada

Why in the world would the Nevada/BSU game be televise locally much less regionally or nationally??? No one outside of Idaho or Nevada cares anything about either team. There are way too many good games to watch.


Care to talk some sense into this fella?


I've always said it was pure luck that ESPN became a multibillion dollar company. They have no clue that people don't watch the games they put on....phssst..

What? Getty Oil started ESPN so I'm sure they did.


"foreignoregonian" is not anonymous

It is my identity and my philosophy

Would you prefer everyone to be called 'Poster'?

It's fun to watch BSU shank

It's fun to watch BSU shank winning field goals.

At least

you can watch BSU. And UofI would like to get close enough to TRY and win a game.

The vandals are more fun

to watch them create a turnover of a simple spike the ball play and then there was their great unifrom debacle. Remember when they opened the 2008 seaon against the Arizona Wildcats and had their logos on their backsides. That was hilarious.

Sure there may be a few of

Sure there may be a few of the followers scattered around the country but the ratings for ESPN would be dismal for that game as there are MUCH better teams and games than BSU and Nevada. Maybe it's going to be a Thursday or Friday night game and they are hoping some people will watch. BSU is not a national draw and Nevada isn't a draw anywhere.

When You Look in a Mirror

When you look in a mirror are you still able to read the "stupid" that is printed on your sloping forehead.

Lets see, ESPN, NBC, and CBS all are lining up to sign up and show Boise State Football Games on National TV, so it points out how big a moron you are. ESPN, NBC, and CBS don't just show games for fun of it, or games that have little interest, or games that don't make them money. They are in a money making business and BSU makes them lots of money, especially with our large National audience and all those supporters around the US. Thanks for trying, but you get the Loser Award yet again. Sounds like the most intelligent thing you might say all day is "dah, would you like fries with that".

Your Flintstone chewables do NOT come in Ore-Ida, son.


"foreignoregonian" is not anonymous

It is my identity and my philosophy

Would you prefer everyone to be called 'Poster'?

If BSU made half as much

If BSU made half as much money as you claim they do... they would've been in contention for the National Championship.

But the sex scandal rumors wouldn't be worth it, period.


"foreignoregonian" is not anonymous

It is my identity and my philosophy

Would you prefer everyone to be called 'Poster'?

§ Yep, no national draw for BSU

"Boise State is keeping up with the big boys in television ratings, too.

The non-BCS conference Broncos' statement victory over Virginia Tech on Monday night matched last year's Southern California-Ohio State thriller as the highest-rated college football game on ESPN since 1994.

Boise State's come-from-behind 33-30 win earned a 7.3 rating. That ties USC-Ohio State as the best since Florida State-Miami 16 years ago."

Put on BSU and few care ... you must be right; you win. Alabama-LSU, 3rd edition, would be MUCH better teams and an infinitely better game than BSU-Nevada.

Evidently you weren't around for (or didn't see) 69-67 ... among many other examples.

Uhhhhh that was three

Uhhhhh that was three seasons ago. Maybe you should get some current ratings. BSU loves to live in the past.

§ Uhhhhh

That was just two years ago, math man.

Stay tuned. How about you give us some numbers and your criteria? Or, are you just here to bítch?


If you are talking about the 69-61 multi-overtime game between Boise State and Nevada, that was about 6 years ago. Colin Kaepernick was a Freshman, and it was the year Boise State won their first Fiesta Bowl.

ESPN knows that this game is a great matchup. Both teams fight to the last whistle. It would draw better ratings than an Alabama-Duke game, because everyone knows the Crimson Tide would roll them by the end of the first quarter. ESPN is about big matchups that offer a good contest. Boise State and Nevada provide that, based on the last several years.

The two

will probably be one and two in the MWC when they meet as well

No history

Right, that's why people tune in to see Notre Dame, Michigan, Texas, Nebraska, the Rose Bowl, the Cotton Bowl... because they only care about what has happened in the last year. That's why Florida State starts in the top 10 every year despite continuously placing fourth in the ACC. It's Boise State who loves to live in the past, the team that didn't have a marquee game until 2006, who has had one year with more than one season loss since then, who has been continuously ranked longer than any other team in the country.

That's why three-loss teams Virginia Tech and Michigan were in the BCS while Boise State stayed home. That's why every sports columnist in the country wrote a column on the profound implications when Nevada beat Boise State, because nobody cares about that game. Surely the fact that Boise State routed Boise last year completely negates a rivalry that has included countless games that went down to the last minute or into overtime. That's why people all over the world know Brotzman's name... because of the Kick Heard Around Winnemucca.

I don't believe I can see but a couple of those games on real TV


You fry wants with that?

Re; BSU - Nevada

Re; BSU - Nevada
"Why in the world would the Nevada/BSU game be televise locally much less regionally or nationally??? No one outside of Idaho or Nevada cares anything about either team. There are way too many good games to watch".

Wake up to the future, droopy.
Sad to be a Sad Sack.
A loser.
A complainer.
A troll.
Your mother smokes anonymous pole.

NOT ANON, deejay.


"foreignoregonian" is not anonymous

It is my identity and my philosophy

Would you prefer everyone to be called 'Poster'?

well here's an idea that would explain it....

Your wrong!
BSU has a nationwide fan base, built largely on the legions of fans who witnessed the 2007 Fiesta Bowl, and grown each year with high profile victories over teams taughted for their national reputations. As much as it probably pains you, just admit it and all will be right with the world.

Why did you pull this up from the avowals of whe11. Froggy?


Sade? Non moi.

Alumni Care

Hey nt1819. There are alumni who care about BSU and Nevada and we are all over. I am in Kansas and it is tough to get to see many BSU games. Happy to have more on ESPN.

"There are Bandwagon Fans

"There are Bandwagon Fans who care about BSU..."

Sorry, Fixed That For You

Why are you sorry that you fixed it for them?


"foreignoregonian" is not anonymous

It is my identity and my philosophy

Would you prefer everyone to be called 'Poster'?

Although I'm not a huge fan

Although I'm not a huge fan of the world-wide leader and it's Monday-Saturday scheduling philosophy at least I don't have to buy a separate sports package to see BSU anymore. I suspect the New Mexico game will be carried on KTVB and S. Miss will be on a national network.


Probably in time slots vs. Leave it to Beaver reruns. Set your alarm clock for these snoozers.

Lame Pony

Ha ha, yea it must suck to be you.

Oh, quite the opposite..

Anytime I can get a Cupcake State t*rd like you to respond to one of my posts is a great day! Bake another cupcake - the motto of BSU(aka Cupcake State)football!


and you still suck. hahaha

Oh no, you called us Cupcake State... oh what will I do. Ha Ha, what a clown.

Guess that is why ESPN, NBC, and CBS are paying us the big bucks.

There's that

smell again......


Lonely little basement dweller.
Harboring anger and frustrations from when he was just a wee lad.
Laughed at.
Girls hated him.

For he knew not how to use the bathroom.
And, he smelled. Bad. Something awful!
But now, he has revenge.
He is, TROLL!

DC is not calling for a draft of that comic book!


"foreignoregonian" is not anonymous

It is my identity and my philosophy

Would you prefer everyone to be called 'Poster'?


You mean like when we used to play the vandals?


Any word on whether football games will be broadcast on BroncoVision???


Please no. The freezing and locking up was to much to bear.

Like Keogh

The vandals are the flaghip cheap shot artist team of all time