Log in South Fork Payette

Image Whitewater boaters are being alerted by the U.S. Forest Service that there's a log in the South Fork of the Payette River just above Blackadar Rapids and it looks dangerous.

It's a large log across the river. "It is river wide and possess a threat to unsuspecting floaters on this section of the river," said David Olson, public affairs officer for the Boise National Forest. "The log is in a precarious spot directly above a Class IV rapid. It is not the worst log we’ve seen in the river as it seems to be smooth without a lot of limbs that might puncture a floating raft or hang on to a person."

The log is above the water line on the north side of the river pointing upstream slightly and being submerged on the south side of the river.

"We are evaluating the best action to take to mitigate the log’s impact. Will let you know if it decides to move on its own, or what we may need to do," Olson said.

Photo provided by the U.S. Forest Service

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