Idaho politics: The husband-and-wife team running for Legislature

Steve and Sherri Nible have been together for 20 years, married since 2005, and run a small construction company together.

"We've learned not to take our stuff home from work," Sherri Nible says.

They'd like to extend that principle to work in politics.

The Nibles are running for legislative seats in Nampa's legislative District 12 — Steve Nible running for House Seat A, Sherri Nible running for House Seat B. Both face three-person GOP primary elections on May 15. Democratic candidates have filed for both House seats — but, considering Canyon County's Republican voting history, the race could be essentially decided in May.

The Nibles had their interviews with the Statesman editorial board Tuesday — they drove in together, logically enough, but interviewed with the board separately, as is our practice. They didn't sound too far apart on the issues. Both want to see the Legislature rein in urban renewal. Both are lukewarm to this year's cuts in corporate and high-end personal income tax rates, withe Sherri Nible saying she would have preferred across-the-board tax relief. Both oppose abortion, but said they would have voted against a bill requiring women to undergo an ultrasound before an abortion.

After talking the issues, we inevitably had to ask them about their joint campaign (and, yes, the candidates do go door-to-door campaigning together).

It comes down to timing. Sherri Nible said her husband has thought about running before — but now, redistricting has created an open House seat. Winter is also a slow time in the contracting business, and, with the slow economy, the couple has seen about 80 percent of its business disappear over the past six or seven years.

"It's a job," Steve Nible said of the Legislature. "It fits into our schedule."

In a quirky election, just add a husband-and-wife candidate team to the list of curiosities.

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The legislature should keep

The legislature should keep out of city and local policy. Put your words where your mouths are and allow for local control and autonomy.


Good for them.
We need more decent people to run for office.

"It's a job" Hmmmm

Not too impressed with that answer.

Involved citizens

Sounds like these two are in touch with the people. It's also a good bet that they don't have a lot of money behind their campaign to buy the vote like their opponents. I'll vote for both of them on the 15th.