What you can eat at the new Pacific Rim in Boise

The restaurant and wine shop is going into the former Amigo's Mexican Restaurant space. It will have the same fusion cuisine it served when Pacific Rim was in the North End in the 1990s. Customers can "grab and go" or call ahead to pick up food.

Pacific Rim logo

Owner Janet Weston gave me a (still in development) menu. "We plan to start small with the food menu and let the public dictate what they want us to offer," she said.

Now, the menu is not what I'd call small. They have more than 50 dishes, sides and desserts in the rotation. Here are some cherry-picked selections:

  • Bay shrimp and romaine salad with poppy seed dressing and toasted cashews
  • Baja pasta salad with crisp tortilla ribbons, manchego cheese and cilantro
  • Blue cheese mashed potatoes
  • Vietnamese pasta salad
  • Salmon skewers with mango salsa and port wine reduction
  • Sonoran-style relleno wraps with chili verde and sharp cheddar
  • Sonoran-style egg rolls with chicken, jack cheese, mild Anaheim chilis, served with spicy chili verde
  • Calamari breaded and fried with lemon-plum dipping sauce
  • Pacific snapper baked with tomato, black olive, onion and garlic

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100 dishes???

A headache just to just decide- I avoid headaches.


They're going to rotate dishes in and out, as I understand it. And it's more like 50-60 -- miscounted apps and sides. I'll update the post.

Hmmm . . .

You can buy breaded calamari and sonoran style egg rolls from Sysco and chuck 'em in the fryer like half the bars in town do. What else ya got?

The leftovers from Ono Hawaiian Cafe?


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