Brit Floyd — a Pink Floyd tribute show — to make its Idaho debut this summer

One of the great tragedies of classic rock — at least to Pink Floyd fans — has been the inability of Roger Waters and David Gilmour to make nice. But you’ve got to respect the depth of Pink Floyd’s dysfunction. After all, even Pink Floyd tribute bands can’t stay together.

The Australian Pink Floyd — a favorite of Floyd fans in the Treasure Valley — split into two competing factions in 2010. Now there’s not just an Aussie Floyd, there’s a Brit Floyd.

For the first time, the Brit Floyd will perform in Idaho: 7 p.m. Friday, Sept. 21, at the Eagle River Pavilion — where nearly 3,000 fans turned out to see the Aussie Floyd end the concert season there in 2010. I’m notoriously hard on tribute bands, but that was a hell of a spectacular night: The lights. The music. The stars in the sky. Mesmerizing.

Something tells me the Brit Floyd will be another mind-blowing experience for Floyd fans.

Tickets go on sale May 11 at Ticketfly for $19.50 lawn, $39.50 reserved seat, $59.50 VIP.

How does the Brit Floyd match up with the Aussie version? Check out the video below. One cool nugget for diehard fans about this tour: The hit-packed set is supposed to include a 23-minute rendition of “Echoes” from Floyd’s 1971 album “Meddle.”

Amazing show!!

I was there in 2010.... and it was just insane! The Lights, the Trees, the Music... the Party!!

After watching this video... cant wait to see this one also!!
Count me in!!

Missed that 2010 show due to travel...hope I don't miss this one

Got into Floyd just as they were breaking up in the early 80's. So this is the next best thing I guess.

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chemical enhancement

Is the event staff willing to, ahem, look the other way if a doobie is being passed or whatever? Or maybe if it's the Fake Floyd, attendees should be smoking "spice" instead of the real thing.

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I heard that the Russian

I heard that the Russian Milli Vanilli is opening the show.....


Do they lip-sync in Russian, or in Ebonics?

I cannot wait for...

Getz: Kazakh Stan
Turning 40: the Vapors Tribute
Breath Deeper: Air Supply and Moody Blues.
Blue Men fade to black.
When Punk wasn't Junk
Deportivos los Plasmaticos
I know I am but I can't tell you
How to accept money and influence nobody
Peddle a Schwinn, not influence
Vegan Chevies aren't much fun
Airplane to Starship to Ford Focus
Getting out when Cerveza is no longer Clara

You can't dance either, 3rd edition
We don't know you but you rock: CIA Operatives + Marshall


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Not much for tribute bands either

However, these guys sound great.

Along with the split, now that there has been a death in Pink Floyd of a major player a tribute band is going to be about as good as it gets.

I got to see the Roger Waters concert. It was a good show, however it would have been better if Roger had put out any real music since amused to death.

The only tribute band I have ever enjoyed is Bonfire. The AC/DC Bon Scott era tribute band. AC/DC was widely unknown in the US prior to Bon's death so this was about the only chance to see that incarnation of the band. It was a great show.


and a great party with an amazing band and light show.
This show was great outdoors in 2010... I we will be headed back this
year for sure bringing even more friends!

So I take it that:

The Aussies said scroo you and we're taking the pig balloon with US?


"foreignoregonian" is not anonymous

It is my identity and my philosophy

Would you prefer everyone to be called 'Poster'?