Another Foothills death grind

OK, I won't rant. Let's be positive here. Despite a typical wet April, trails are drying quickly and too dusty or sandy is almost a bigger issue than too muddy. Of course you have to use a little common sense and not go right after a rainstorm, or while it's raining. But it's wonderful to get on the trails on these spring days when you don't sweat or freeze. It's just so perfect it almost feels like cheating.

My legs are still sore from Saturday's 20-mile grind in the Foothills. I followed the big boys, and now I am paying the price. But it's worth it. Riding in the Foothills a backyard adventure in the truest sense. You can make it as tough or as easy as you want, and you don't spend a bunch of time and travel getting to the trailhead. Just go for a ride, and you can be back home in time to do yard work if you still have the energy.