Ada County still hasn't made a decision on whether to charge former Sen. McGee

Chief Deputy Prosecutor Roger Bourne said Friday that his office needs more time to review the Idaho State Police investigation of former Sen. John McGee.

"We're still evaluating," Bourne said.

On Monday, I wrote that Bourne said the office hoped to make a charging decision by today. I misunderstood Bourne, who said what he intended to convey was that prosecutors hoped to have all the follow-up work they'd asked ISP to do finished by today. ISP presented its report to prosecutors April 13, but Bourne said other work was required before making a decision.

Bourne declined to estimate when the decision would be made.

He also answered a question I neglected to ask Monday: How can the Ada County Prosecutor's office handle this McGee case when it cited a conflict of interest last year and farmed out McGee's prosecution on DUI and felony theft charges?

McGee agreed to a plea bargain offered by Malheur County Prosecutor Dan Norris, who dropped the felony in exchange for a guilty plea to misdemeanor DUI. McGee also had paid two victims about $12,000 for property damage.

The answer: Because McGee is no longer in office. Last year, Norris said Ada County Prosecutor Greg Bower asked him to take the case because any prosecutor's office in Idaho would potentially have some kind of conflict because they lobby lawmakers on public safety issues.

McGee resigned from the Senate Feb. 22, after a female Senate staffer said she had been sexually harassed. The four-term Republican lawmaker from Caldwell is married and has two pre-school-aged children.

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was still in office at the time of the alleged crime, Bower,(Ada County) will declare another conflict of interest. Which Oregon County will get the case this time.

is this phrased right?

"McGee resigned from the Senate Feb. 22, after a female Senate staffer said he had been sexually harassed."

McGee was harassed?
The Senate staffer was actually a guy?

Sorry, it was a typo. Should have read 'she had been'

Thanks for the catch, Sharon.


Is Our System Transparent or Opaque?

At this point in time if the prosecutor does not push for charges, everyone will feel that the "Good Old Boy System" is at work and there is a cover-up. For the legal system and John McGee's benefit let it proceed.

This one Im not sure

I was hugely critical of the plea bargain Mcghee received for the DUI and GT but what is in the past is in the past. In this case,I guess short of an actual assault or battery, what is there about sexual harrassment that is criminal on the state level? I thought these issues were federal and also that in most cases were settled civilly

What you say is true. ISP

What you say is true. ISP is not going to turn over an investigation for prosecution without a potential criminal act. My guess is that there are number of shoes left to drop.

A plea bargain, unless found non-binding, is a PLEA BARGAIN!

If the ISP cannot find a reason that the order is not valid no further action will be taken ON THAT MATTER. Any little thing thst could mess it up, SURE.

Anything else not related gets HUD housing of it's own.

Glad to be of help.


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