Idaho company builds components for new nuclear reactors

An Idaho company is building components for the next generation of nuclear power plants that are already in construction.

Premier Technology, Inc. of Blackfoot is constructing a key cooling components for four new power plants under construction by Westinghouse Electric Co. for two southeast U.S. utilities. Its success shows the Idaho National Laboratory isn't the only Idaho institution benefiting from the resurging nuclear industry.

The Blackfoot company is building the Integrated Head Package, a complex structure that provides cooling to key reactor components.

The package is designed to reduce the reactors’ down-time during scheduled refueling shutdowns.

“Clean Energy is the future of our nation,” said said Doug Sayer, President and Chairman of Premier Technology, Inc. “The power produced by the AP1000 nuclear plant will provide safe and reliable energy that is greenhouse gas free.“

The US Nuclear Regulatory Commission approved the license for two Westinghouse reactors for the Southern Nuclear Co. in February. Earlier this month it approved new Westinghouse Nuclear Reactors at for South Carolina Electric and Gas.

Sayer said the integrated head package is one of the major reactor containment components being built in the United States. Many components come from Asia or Europe.

“It is essential that the nation reinvigorate its manufacturing base and return the manufacturing of these type of components to the United States” he said.

The first package is scheduled for delivery in 2013.


I used to not care too much concerning the nuclear energy industry, but now I'm a lot wiser. First of all, there is no plan in place to adequately deal with spent fuel... We just store it. How long (in centuries) can we make that pile bigger? Secondly, I don't support diesel backup for any nuclear plant. All nuclear plants should receive backup power from other electric plants. The Japanese disaster has made plain that limited fuel on site would not have prevented their nuclear problems.


It was not the diesel's fault at Fu.kushima, it was their location...if they had been on the hill behind the plant they would have been fine. You need a backup source on site for emergency power...a lot of new plants are using NG turbines for this and are re-locating them to higher ground if near the coast.
Fuel storage is easy if Politicians would keep out of it, nothing at all wrong with Yucca Mtn, except Harry Reid..Have you ever been by there? Middle of nowhere. No water table. a Mile underground...sigh..stupid politicians...btw dry cask storage is safe, not 1 incident since it began...


Rocks writes "..benefiting from the resurging nuclear industry."""

Where do you get this stuff Rock?

Here is where I get something that contradicts you:
Nuclear Power in a
Post-Fukushima World

It says:
"But developments even prior to March 11, when the Fukushima crisis began, illus trate that the international nuclear industry has been unable to stop the slow decline of nuclear energy."


Add to that:
Germany is stopping it's nuclear industry by 2022.
Japan is operating only 1 of its reactors and will STOP using it next month.

So where is nuclear energy RESURGING other than in your cubicle, Rock?
L U S T is a bad word.
!!!Statesman censor!!!
This is a good example of Statesman management. We know it- and we don't care to fix it.


19 new plants being built there. 1 new in US with 3-10 to start we fall further behind..How many people died in the Tsunami? 20,000+... how many died at fu-kushima? 2 (heart attacks).
What do new modern plants have in common with 60's technology Fu.kushima plants? Nothing... stop being scared and learn a little science...