Gear Tuesday: Tick removal tools

ImageTicks are out and if you have a hard time removing them from yourself, the kids or your pet, here are two tools that work great.

Actually, I have both and found each one to work well. Both tools have little slots that get between the tick and the skin and dislodge the critter without squishing it.

What I really like about Ticked Off is the spoon. Once you secure the tick in the slot and pull it out, the tick is in the spoon. It doesn't fall out anywhere and get lost.

Tick Off sells for around $6.99 at outdoor stores. For more information, look HERE

The Tick Key is also easy to use. I think its slot, which separates the tick from the skin, is easier to use and detaches the tick more readily. However, there is no cup to keep the tick contained and sometimes it gets loose or falls to the ground.

The Tick Key sells for about $6. Get more information HERE

Like I said, both tools work well. You can decide for yourself. They are worth every penny.

Photo by Pete Zimowsky/Idaho Statesman

All you need is right at home

While these gizmos might be handy to carry in the car, vaseline coated ticks will back right out of the skin. If that is too messy for you, a glob of dish soap or shampoo on a cottonball will work.

Good tip

- Zimo:
I'll keep it in mind. Great first-aid.

detroiter, maybe...

but after 50 years of ticks in my dogs, cats horses and us, I found that the only truly effective removal is slow, steady traction with wide-nosed forcepts. That was taught to me be several veterinarians and a couple of MDs. Tried your remedies and some related ones without success. Also, there are chemical treatments rubbed on the back of the neck that prevent ticks from attaching, and prevents flea bites. Not labelled for humans, but they will work if you don't follow the instructions to the letter (I am not recommending that, just for information, use at your own risk). Pete's gizmos might work if used properly. Got to get the proboscus out. Ticks are bad and Lyme's is nasty, be careful...