Boise State-Michigan State football game scheduled for 6 p.m. MDT Aug. 31 (ESPN); all four QBs remain in race

By Chadd Cripe
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The Boise State-Michigan State football game to open the season has been scheduled for 6 p.m. MDT Aug. 31 and will air on ESPN. That's an 8 p.m. kickoff in East Lansing, Mich.

The date — a Friday — had previously been announced, but the time and TV assignment were set Tuesday. Michigan State wanted to play on Friday of Labor Day weekend to help its fans.

This is the fourth straight year that Boise State's season opener will air on ESPN. The Broncos previously beat Oregon (2009), Virginia Tech (2010) and Georgia (2011) in high-profile season openers.

Boise State and Michigan State finished in the top 11 last season.

Boise State has only played a Big Ten team one time before. The Broncos lost 28-24 at Wisconsin in 1997.

Times and TV for the rest of the Broncos' games are yet to be determined.


Boise State coach Chris Petersen spoke on the Mountain West's spring media teleconference Tuesday. Here are some highlights (he also talked about Shea McClellin and Billy Winn, and I posted those comments in our draft blog):

On the quarterback race: "We have four guys, which is a lot of guys. You'd probably like to narrow it down. Well, you'd like to have one that you know. If you can't know that, you'd probably like to have two guys battling. We really have four guys. One guy has been here for three years, Joe Southwick. He knows our system really well. The rest of our guys are still young guys. We're trying to give those guys a fair opportunity to digest our offense and see if they've got a chance to truly compete next year for that position."

Asked whether Southwick is currently the leader: "Not necessarily. Joe knows the most, but we knew that going in. So these guys will compete all through the summer and they'll compete all through fall camp and hopefully we can narrow it down to one guy. If we can't, we'll play two or three. We'll figure out who can move this offense."

On the idea of the Broncos being the Mountain West favorites: "I don't know what everybody else has. I haven't even thought about that. We're still getting over maybe what we don't have. ... We never get caught up in preseason indicators, whether they're good for us or not good for us. That means nothing. It's all about how we finish and how we improve during the season. ... I think there's a lot of assuming going on. All the things we've earned are in the past and so many of those guys are not here any more. ... The important thing is we've never gotten caught up in outside expectations good or bad. We have our standards and expectations and those are the ones we latch onto."

On his impressions of spring ball: "We've got a lot of work to do. We made progress. Certain guys did take steps forward. It was certainly different than it's been in the past. ... I thought the kids worked hard. I thought they laid a really good foundation. If we can pick up where we left off in the spring when we get into fall camp and keep that focus and intensity and stay a little healthy, then we'll feel OK about ourselves."

Fall camp begins Aug. 4.

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128 days and counting!!

We have our plans squared away for the game in East we just have to endure the torture of waiting for the Bronco football season to begin once again!

Any idea

When the MWC is going to release the tv schedule? I don't remember when they did it last year.

Could be a tough one... at

Could be a tough one... at least humidity won't be as much of a concern.

You haven't been in Michigan

in late August, have you? There will be plenty of humidity, but it doesn't really matter.

I think it does matter

Historically, Boise State has not performed very well when playing out in the heat/humidity of the Eastern US.

I think that had more to do with the opponents

Than the humidity. Georgia, Arkansas, and South Carolina were simply better than us. Humidity didn't seem to bother us against Va Tech, La Tech, Southern Miss, or Tulsa.


The team will be playing outdoors, not inside a Dome as was the case when we played VT and Georgia.

We were in Athens for the BSU@Georgia game in 2005........the humidity was brutal and took a toll on the players. It was horrible in Atlanta last fall when we played Georgia again. We had to leave our tailgate to get inside. I think humidity will be a huge factor.



"foreignoregonian" is not anonymous

It is my identity and my philosophy

Would you prefer everyone to be called 'Poster'?

Yes, humidity is a concern, but it shouldn't ever be an excuse

Sorry, but we didn't lose to UGA in 2005 because of the weather.


Any word about the appeal from BSU on the NCAA penalties? Any info from the BCS about the MWC request for BCS status? Looks like both the NCAA and BCS are ignoring Boise State & the MWC.......

Big surprise

The NCAA & BCS have been trying to ignore Boise State since 2007.

Been telling you for a long time...

BCS is not really worth much effort and says little if at all about the quality of a team.

We're all been suffering from footballholism a while.


"foreignoregonian" is not anonymous

It is my identity and my philosophy

Would you prefer everyone to be called 'Poster'?

Wow, interesting note....

Cupcake State has only played one Big 10 team - ever! I'm surprised they have even played that many when Weber State, Tennessee-Martin, Sacramento State, and Humboldt State are usually available to compliment those brutal WAC and MWC conference schedules. Way to man up Cupcake State! Who else ya playing this fall that has a pulse?

puny pony

which powerhouse of college football do you support?

One on the Columbia River, like all of us.


It you go online and yell FAQ YOU TOO

You are cut off at the well son.

Pony = Craig James....

nuff said.

Too Funny!

Too Funny but too true! Only Boise State would think it's a big deal that they are going to be on ESPN. The big boy schools that play real schedules are on national TV every Saturday.

Glad they'll be on TV

The reason I think it's a big deal is that I'll be able to see them on TV. I can't get enough Bronco Football. Go crash someone else's party.

yes, see them on TV

Love the failing Broncos, however, when will they go out of their comfort zone and start "losing" again and need to face the fact, yes fact, that they are still a junior college without any, yes any, verified academics, graduate programs, competitive grant funds, competition for prime students, and yes, yes, the list goes on and on and on...Football Forever??? I remember when it was not and they were not and they are still not. Go Bronco fools!! When Petey boy goes for more millions what will happen??? Har Har bye bye...

Old Goat = Vandal

Poor little Vandals always showing their NASTY side. (Maybe he is inebriated too).

Vandal? No

Not Nasty, just realistic

comfort zone?

Eugene, Atlanta, D.C., E. Lansing, the Big East? What comfort zone? If you are waiting for BSU to loose keep standing by.

the old goat is uneducated

boise state has a very good mba program accredited by the aacsb. maybe the old goat has low reading comprehension.

Which is nice but hasn't a thing to do with football.


"foreignoregonian" is not anonymous

It is my identity and my philosophy

Would you prefer everyone to be called 'Poster'?

Serious question, Old Goat

Is there a school currently in Div 1 FBS that is bigger and richer than Boise State University, but became a 4-year University AFTER Boise State did in 1974? If not, let me ask another question. Do you honestly expect a school as young as Boise State to compete financially and academically with the older FBS schools?

the goat

will not answer.

do not need to answer.

the facts speak for themselves.

Truly, I hope the Broncos do well, football and other athletics OK, great. Just would like to see BSU do better in academics, too many failures there.

Yes I am "uneducated" which is why when I have been asked to review BSU research proposals, ad hoc, they have almost, repeat almost, but not always, been rejected and rarely put into triage. Not just my decisions, but many others agreed.

BTW, PhD from a major university, with 25 years of research and publication experience...

Can you answer that, broncos81?

Could say more but will stop here...Have you checked out Washington Magazine, for one example?


Same tired BS.

You dont hold a candle to 81.



You too? Yawn...

§ goat bloat ... Sir Verify

"Love the failing Broncos ...", "... they are still a junior college without any, yes any, verified academics ..." [untrue and insulting], "Go Bronco fools!!", "Har Har bye bye..."

and then:

"Truly, I hope the Broncos do well ..."

Same tired ad hoc BS and completely disingenuous, for about the 10,000th time.

Bleat it.

if you are insulted then

make it not true, support academics, not just football "bloat," there, razor sharpless... har har har... Yes I do wish the Broncos well, just wish BSU could do better in representing Idaho in a respectable way, rather than baloney football, which will fail at some time.

§ already

did ... twice.

rah rah rah

ok goat

here are your words: "need to face the fact, yes fact, that they are still a junior college without any, yes any, verified academics, graduate programs..."

and here are mine: "boise state has a very good mba program accredited by the aacsb"

so if you are who say you are, how could you be unaware of our business program. further, identify your school.

OK 81 here you have it

Washington Magazine is highly respected and much cited, and very accessable. This link should work if not I can help further. Als, there are numerous other publications that "rate" universities on various criteria. Washington Mag is one of the more comprehensive, try this one.

Look at universities, sort by state if you want. Read the selection criteria carefully first.

I do know that BSU has some good accredited programs, overall not so much.

To identify my graduate school, MS (1974), PhD (1980) see Washington Mag #28 in the 2011 ratings. Compare with BSU, (hint: BSU not ranked here or many other places).

I will look forward to your response...and all the others, oh goodness might not be nice, but that is OK. This is not fun but hope some realization will help BSU become a good university with a solid mission, not just made up "Metropolitan research university of distinction." BSU even admits (or did) on their webpage that this was a made up title.

Best wishes to you... PS I am an Idaho person, 40 years off and on. Continue to return and I am proud of Idaho.

Bravo dude

Thanks for "clearing it all up" for us low-life uneducated hicks who pathetically attended Boise State. We are all indebted to such wisdom. We all need to "realize" whatever you preach to "help BSU become a good university with a solid mission".

The thing is, old goat, many of us who are proud of Boise State can actually view progress. The University is striving to improve in all areas of its institution. It has a long ways to go to be sure, but its growing. All of us are pleased with the new construction on campus that has little to do with athletics but a committment to better academics. And yes, of course, we are proud of our student athletes and a first class football program led by a fine leader and teacher. Boise State has an uphill battle to even make any of the ratings given to schools based on academia. No one knows this better than the many Broncos who've attended the school.

Im amazed that with all your education and self-proclaimed wisdom, matched with your seasoned age, you have yet to acquire humility, grace and tact.


Humility, tact, and grace are learned over time. With solid academics BSU will prevail, in my hopes. None of you are "low-life uneducated hicks." Best wishes to you, JLandon, please support excellence at BSU. Education yes, "self-proclaimed wisdom" and seasoned?? No. Age not an issue...carpe diem, enjoy today's rain. PS Idon't preach, you seem to do that.

bye bye, unless you are capable of a response...

Ha Ha!

What mindless drivel! Blah blah blah. Can anyone get this guy some cookies and milk?

Just say You Suck and spare the arthritis, cat

I'm starting to feel like Captain Kangaroo on 2-for-1 wells night.


"foreignoregonian" is not anonymous

It is my identity and my philosophy

Would you prefer everyone to be called 'Poster'?

nice work goat

goat is a gator. none of the bronco faithful have ever argued that boise state is anywhere near where we want to be as an academic institution. we are making progress and we will get there. it is a slow process. we are proud of the university and we are very proud of our football program.
in which field of study did you receive your phd? what did you do after getting your phd?
everyone is obviously entitled to their opinion but i would encourage you to spark some debate with boise state fans rather than bash the school by posting false statements. maybe one of these days the gators & the broncos will meet on the field. in florida of course as sec teams are bound by an agreement to limit travel to 300 miles.

goat, washington magazine

i am not familiar with this publication. oddly, neither is google.

I don't want your "facts"

I want you to answer my question. Is there a younger school (as far as being a 4-yr University) that is financially and academically bigger than Boise State?

The true fact is that Boise State is a "young" school that obviously can't compete academically with school older than the entire state of Idaho (like Ohio State or USC). Boise State suffers greatly from being more than 80 yrs behind those bigger schools.

Yet, Boise State is growing at a faster rate than any other school in the nation, and has been for the last 10 yrs. Are they at the same academic level of a USC or Texas or Alabama or Michigan? No way. BUT, they will. As the school grows, and the athletics continue to succeed, the school will have the PhD and Masters programs that the other schools have. They'll have the Research projects other schools have. It'll take time. I'm sure USC and Ohio State didn't start out as the academic giants they are today. Likewise, Boise State isnt going to become one overnight. It'll take time and money. But, no school is growing as fast as Boise State. Mark my words: within 25 yrs, Boise State will able to compete Academically with most schools in this country. They probably will still fall well short of the Stanfords, Floridas, and Penn States. But, those are elite universities based on their academics.

An analogy of your anti-BSU academics position would be like a 5'5" 11 yr old kid being able to play basketball with a bunch of 6'3" 22 year olds. As talented as he may be, give the kid some time to grow. Soon, he'll not only compete, but surpass the older players.

to answer your question, RMSanford, don't know that fact..

Well WE can always have a hypothesis. I am not "anti-BSU" but the academics needs lots of work. You need to look at the "facts" and realize that there is more work to do than may be accomplished in the next years (how many, I don't know?) maybe you know, tell us...

Your analogy is lame, best luck to your BB player.

SORRY,just noticed

"Mark my words, athletics continue to succeed, time and money, it will take time, academically with most...? Oh Man, you are out of it, good grief, take care

You'll see in 25 yrs

unless you keel over for shock prior to it happening.

§ esteemed researcher

"Mark my words, athletics continue to succeed, time and money, it will take time, academically with most... [ending quote omitted]

One would think a practiced researcher would use an ending quotation mark. However, that wouldn't make the string a quote because it isn't what Sanford wrote ... by clause perhaps, but not in total.

That's contextually scrambled and a failed attempt to twist Sanford's contentions.


He isn't who he says he is. Not even close. I'll send you an email explaining.

§ got it

and concur

Share the wealth!

Forward it to the group, guys. We all want another reason to dislike him. Hehe.

Would like to see your informative email

Why do you "guys" dislike some truth? Notice both "s around an overused and inaccurate word.

Old Goatee....its because the

truth often hurts....

Im a Vandal anyway....Just like Boise and some Bronco football....