Monday morning QB outdoors: Foothills excellent

Image It's an excellent time for a hike in the Boise Foothills. Trails are dry and hard and wildflowers are popping up all over the place.

Not to be technical, but I'm seeing small purple ones, yellow ones like the one pictured and also the familiar arrowleaf balsamroot. The sun on the balsamroot this morning was excellent for photos.

I've gotten some reports of ticks from readers so do a tick check. My retriever had one on her.

No excuses today. Even a walk during your lunch hour will be worth it.

P.S. Had someone float the lower canyon of the Weiser River from Midvale to Galloway Dam over the weekend and report an excellent float.

The flow is good at about 3,000 cfs. It's a long day trip at more than 20 miles. That's why you want to do it at high flows.

It's an incredible canyon with a little bit of whitewater. Too bad there are plans in the making to put a new dam on the river and flood out the canyon and the Weiser River trail in this area.

Photo by Pete Zimowsky/Idaho Statesman

loco weed

astragalus- said to make cattle a little crazy. In Chinese medicine it's an important herb used to stimulate/improve immune function. Love that nature, good work!