Farris knocks Idaho Rep. Labrador for anti-tax pledge, laments primary opponent's absence

Democrat Jimmy Farris says 1st District GOP Rep. Raul Labrador ignores reality by refusing to consider tax reform that would boost federal revenue as part of a deficit-reduction deal.

"When we talk about reducing some of those deductions and closing some of those loopholes, that's something I would support," Farris told the Idaho Statesman editorial board Thursday.

"We are not going to reduce any deficit, get anywhere near a balanced budget, if revenue is not part of the equation. And that's a fact. And it's a reality that some in the House and my potential opponent in the general election doesn't seem to want to either admit, or politically doesn't think it's a good position to take."

Labrador has signed the pledge from Americans for Tax Reform that includes a vow to "oppose any net reduction or elimination of deductions and credits, unless matched dollar for dollar by further reducing tax rates."

Asked for comment, Labrador declined, according to campaign aide China Gum.

Farris, 34, is making his first race for public office. He played six years in the NFL, after standout careers as a receiver at Lewiston High School and the University of Montana.

Farris said plain-speaking about the need for a bipartisan solution to the debt problem is key to his campaign. "As much as people don't want to hear that, I'm not going to sit here and just make some campaign promises that people want to hear that we can just cut taxes and cut spending, and magically, in 10 years we'll be back to a balanced budget."

Farris said he supports entitlement reform, but only if linked to tax reform with a net revenue boost. "To automatically just default to the position we should cut entitlement spending, I think it's kind of the easy way out. I think it's been framed as the bad guy, these programs that people have depended on for a number of years in this country that have been very successful, that have allowed people to maintain a liveable lifestyle after retirement."

Social Security could be made solvent for generations, Farris said, by raising the cap on income subject to the payroll tax that funds the system from the current figure of $110,100. Farris said he doesn't yet know what the figure should be, but said, "You have somebody that makes a couple million dollars a year paying the exact same amount" as somebody that makes $110,100.

Farris and Labrador both have opponents in the May 15 primary. Reed McCandless of Moscow is on the GOP ballot; Cynthia Clinkingbeard of Boise is on the Democratic ballot.

But Clinkingbeard has not been actively campaigning after her March 16 arrest on three felony counts of aggravated assault and one count of use of a deadly weapon in commission of a crime. Clinkingbeard was arrested after an incident at a Staples store, where she was inquiring about printing campaign posters. Her lawyer told a judge she was likely in a “hypo-manic state." A court-appointed evaluator has been appointed to assess whether Clinkingbeard can adequately understand the court proceedings against her and can participate in her own defense. A review hearing for the mental health evaluation is set for May 4.

Farris said he'd hoped to hone his skills in appearances with Clinkingbeard. "That's just an unfortunate thing," he said Thursday. "It's too bad and I hope it works out the best for her and she ultimately gets whatever help or attention that she needs.

"I was looking forward to the opportunity to have a legitimate challenge. That's why I was excited when she filed because I thought it would be an opportunity to have a debate or get on TV or have some more conversations with you guys. The most important thing for me at this point in time is to get myself out there, to get in forums where people can hear what I have to say and where I stand on issues and what I think about things. I was looking forward to maybe having a debate or getting on Public TV, but I don't think that's going to happen."

Clinkingbeard did not reply to a request for comment. Idaho Public TV says there will be no debate in the 1st District on either the Democratic or Republican side. A debate between 2nd District GOP Rep. Mike Simpson and his primary opponent, Chick Heileson, is tentatively set for May 13.

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Tax the rich

Hey Jimmy I'm very glad you're running for the 1st district. It's time the rich paid their way. Good luck on your campaign

toll booth

Dalek, do yourself a favor and read up on how much of the budget is paid by the top 10% earners.

Then you can try some legit stuff.

sure and it isn't enough

The rich make their money from our infrastructure, they need to pay to maintain it. What about all of that " off-shored" cash that they don't pay taxes on? I'm glad they're rich, they just need to pay for their goose and the golden eggs


When you say "they" who do think they are?
I'm not talking company names, I'm talking people, who are "they"?


they know who they are


They might know but you don't.
Let me help you out.

"They" are Idaho teachers. Idaho fireman, Idaho police officers.

They are retirement accounts like PERSI. They own shares of companies like Exxon, Apple, and Cisco. Those companies keep their cash 'off-shore' because of the counter-productive US tax code.

They are retirement accounts such as IRA's owned by your neighbors, Tom & Jerry.

When those companies pay less taxes the company has more cash to pay out DIVIDENDS to "they" people who own those companies.

When those companies have more cash they do things like donate millions of dollars to Boise State University so "the-y" people like students have better research facilities. When the companies have more cash the stocks become more valuable- and "they" have shareholders donating stock to purchase computers for high schools.

"They" are the 99% of the people. "They" are the people who invest in those companies.

So if you wanna scrw yourself- continue with your propaganda and maybe you can convince other people like you to believe the same "stuf".

cool the personal attacks

Let's agree to disagree. BTW the above stated policies have not worked for the people of Idaho or anywhere else. Check out the loss of "middle income" earners.

keep going

And if you wanna jack up the tax rates, you will accelarate that "loss of middle income earners".


The last time we had such wealth inequality was in 1929. Do you not think this is a problem? The wealthy folks incomes have skyrocketed while the middle class earnings have been flat for decades. This economy runs on consumers consuming, not job creators investing. They aren't going to invest if nobody has any disposable income to buy what they're selling.

I just think this trickle-down concept is backwards. It flows up, not down.

Since we are in debt, and the middle cla$$ is struggling, why not ask the ones who have not only not been struggling, but thriving, to pay more towards easing the debt? Instead of cutting Federal dollars that help the lower and middle cla$$es get ahead, have the wealthy put in more to prevent cuts to education and health costs which are devastating the lower cla$$es.

I'm not saying eat the rich, but do we have to keep feeding them more and more while waiting for leftovers that never come?


It is a problem.
Jacking up the tax rates is not a solution.

Show me one "rich" person who doesn't believe in the "I'll pass on the cost theory".

i.e. house builders think they'll make $5,000profit per house. Add $1,000 of taxes for them and do you think they will accept a $4,000 profit. What is going to happen to the cost of that house?

Want to pay union wages? "Cost plus" in the contract simply means higher costs- no business just absorbs the increased tax. No 'rich' individual will absorb the tax either.

Leftovers? Maybe the leftovers are there. And the trickle down is occuring, you just gotta be the cute puppy getting the leftovers. ;-)

Taxing policy is a part of the bigger picture...one or two

examples does not a policy make. It's like this 'Buffett rule' nonsense...may make a few people feel good, but the rule itself is not keeping in mind the broader context of taxes and spending. Focusing strictly on cutting budgets is as unrealistic as focusing strictly on taxing policy.

"No his mind is not for rent, to any god or government." Neil Peart

So Pimp

You agree that it is a problem. Do you have any ideas how we can increase the buying power of the lower cla$$es besides lowering taxes?

The wealth gap of the twenties, when there was little spending power among the ma$$es, persisted pretty much till after WWII when government money (money they didn't have) went towards housing and education for the vets. I think that was the springboard to the prosperity that occurred in the fifties and sixties. It wasn't low tax rates or trickle-down that got us out of that rut, it was borrowed money invested in our working cla$$ that pulled us up.


Increase the buying power?

How about if we increase the saving power of the middle class?

that would mean lowering prices, we know that's not sane


"foreignoregonian" is not anonymous

It is my identity and my philosophy

Would you prefer everyone to be called 'Poster'?

Saving? LOL

They can't pay the bills, much less save. I don't see you having any answers.



"foreignoregonian" is not anonymous

It is my identity and my philosophy

Would you prefer everyone to be called 'Poster'?

Hey! We bought their stuff, not like they crap money.

It takes two to tango, or an army of 42,153 and inaction from the world to tangle.


"foreignoregonian" is not anonymous

It is my identity and my philosophy

Would you prefer everyone to be called 'Poster'?

I see you firmly believe in the trickle down theory...

"No his mind is not for rent, to any god or government." Neil Peart

Call for a PRN, Walter Mitty


"foreignoregonian" is not anonymous

It is my identity and my philosophy

Would you prefer everyone to be called 'Poster'?

Go Farris

"Maybe I'm overreacting. Maybe Ferris isn't such a bad guy. After all, I got a car, he got a computer. But still, why should he get to do whatever he wants, whenever he wants? Why should everything work out for him? What makes him so gddam special?"
Screw him."

-FB's Day Off.

or maybe this is what Clinkingbeard is thinking.


of the northern, hairy clan.

that's brain hair, internal follicles, padre


"foreignoregonian" is not anonymous

It is my identity and my philosophy

Would you prefer everyone to be called 'Poster'?