Risch jumps to defense of former Craig aide at NRC

Idaho Republican U.S. Sen. Jim Risch jumped in to support a former aide to his predecessor Larry Craig locked in a tough fight to keep her job on the Nuclear Regulatory Commission.

President Barack Obama renominated Kristine Svinicki for the Republican-designated seat she currently holds. But Democratic Majority Leader Harry Reid of Nevada has vowed to fight her appointment as a part of a continuing feud between two sides of the nuclear debate. An engineer, Svinicki worked on nuclear issues for Craig.

“Kristine Svinicki is one of the most well-qualified people to ever serve on the Nuclear Regulatory Commission, said Risch. “Her depth of knowledge on all aspects of U.S. nuclear activities makes her indispensable to the commission.”

Reid says Svinicki lied when she was asked if she had worked on the Yucca Mountain nuclear waste facility Reid has always opposed when she was at the Department of Energy. She had given a long reply in response to a question from Democratic Sen. Barbara Boxer before saying she had not worked on Yucca Mountain. Later, when a report about Yucca that she wrote was discovered she said her no was meant to say she was not directly involved in the licensing of the nuclear waste site now on hold.

But Republicans say Reid’s opposition is due to her efforts to call out his former aide and NRC chairman Gregory Jazcko for bullying NRC staff, especially women.

“I applaud her decision to raise serious concerns about the hostile work environment at the NRC created by Chairman Jazcko, particularly as it relates to women, and to bring this to the attention of the White House and Congress,” Risch said.

Svinicki’s current term is set to expire June 30.

Harry Reids "Term of Influence"

is set to expire in January.

Since when is Risch

Since when is Risch concerned about women's rights or their work environment. This is a johnny come lately attitude.

Women have rights...when they are Republicans.

Not so much if not.

As for Reid...his NIMBY stance on Yucca mountain is infuriating. We created the waste and have to do something with it.

"No his mind is not for rent, to any god or government." Neil Peart

Women's Rights and Risch

It would be interesting to see a summary of cases handled by the attorneys practicing with Risch in Boise.

Risch is ....

still in office? I haven't heard his name in forever. Good for him - way to do something or anything, I guess.

These women should just stay in the kitchen where they belong.

Harry Reid has it right - this is stuff for men to manage. That woman, Ms Svinicki, needs to stay out of things she knows nothing about. Who does she think she is?

Sounds like something familiar

Sounds like Harry Reid has the same mindset of the ex Idaho Transportation Board, maybe??

When did they all get fired or change the name?


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