Dirk Kempthorne on parking garages

The former governor told his story of Downtown Boise at a breakfast Wednesday morning.

In today's paper, business reporter Sandra Forester has a great write-up on Kempthorne captaining the ship on Downtown development, including a surprise closed-door meeting to get people to agree on a convention center.

I'm still pretty new to Boise (but not to Idaho). But with all the retail options we have, I can't imagine convoys of buses lining up to take Treasure Valley shoppers to Salt Lake City.

I also can't imagine a Downtown Boise without parking garages. Granted, the street parking is awesome here compared with other cities. (Free 20 minutes? Free weekends? Sign me up!) But garages are an urban inevitability.

Anyway, here's a Kempthorne quote on garage-reluctance, from Wednesday's breakfast:

"This is the West. You tie your horse up out front," he said. "You don't park it in the barn and walk."

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Leave her alone. Dumb is

Leave her alone. Dumb is dumb, Dirk was just pandering to his audence trying to get a good-ol-boy yuck from the good-ol-boys. She's just reporting what was heard.

Lets face it Dirk is not the

Lets face it Dirk is not the brightest bulb in the candleere.

Street cars, public transit

Yes a parking garage is a waste of money anyway. I always liked the street car idea, park down the street for free and ride the fun street car into downtown, nice