A 'no comment' for the ages, from which Idaho politicians may wish to draw

In 31 years as a reporter, I've been told to go pound salt hundreds of times. But rarely, if ever, has anyone done so with such earthy grace as a 31-year-old guy who works as a server at Winger's Grill & Bar in Meridian.

This waiter may play a role in a story I'm working on, but he's not a public person so I'm leaving his name out of this. I've cleared this blog post with him.

Yesterday, I was reviewing my audio recording of our interview. He'd had a belly full of answering questions and when I pressed him for more detail, he let me know it. His push-back struck me as a lovely thing, a found poem I wish to share with loyal readers of the Idaho Politics blog.

Here goes:

Yurr diggin'
Yurr diggin'
Quit diggin'
Yurr diggin'

I'm onna let go 'cuz yurr diggin'
Doan dig
Because I doan wann ya to dig
I doan know nuttin'
And quit diggin'

Cuz yurra reporter
And I'm not gonna say nuttin'
Cuz a lot of stuff
Got blown outta comportion (sic)
And that's all I'm gonna say

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Always enjoy your columns Dan.

Sounds like it will be a doozy. I still remember your story about the sagebrush Christmas tree. You are an Idaho Statesman icon. Keep up the good work!

ditto great work

hey can we talk this waiter into running for office. He's a poet kinda like the greatest Mohammad Ali!

His name is David L. I'll bet



"foreignoregonian" is not anonymous

It is my identity and my philosophy

Would you prefer everyone to be called 'Poster'?

You're a Miserable Cretin, Popkey

So, what's the deal here, Popkey? You get some kind of thrill out of mocking an innocent guy while you dig up dirt?

"I've cleared this blog post with him." - Really?

And did you prepare him for the possible harassment from callers to the restaurant where he works? Or the schmucks who might repeat his "push-back" while he works tables?

Did you explain to this waiter that he really just boils down to collateral damage while you dig around?

This poor guy works ten times harder than you to earn a buck, but that doesn't matter when you want to expose someone's spleen under a headline, now does it?

You misunderstand me, BuddyStone

I thought the waiter's comments were brilliant and offered them up as an example for those inclined to tell me to go to Hades. No irony intended. I thought my praise was quite plain, but I repeat it here: This is a prize no-comment and I admire it greatly.

The waiter asked that I not use his name, so I didn't. He also approved my saying where he works and what he does.

Dan Popkey

If ID politicians ever progress beyond scribbling they can draw.


"foreignoregonian" is not anonymous

It is my identity and my philosophy

Would you prefer everyone to be called 'Poster'?