Boise made film "Three of a Kind" wins big at Houston's WorldFest

"Three of a Kind," a thriller by Boise-based writer-director Greg Green, took on the Platinum Remi Grand Jury Award at the 45th Annual Houston WorldFest International Independent Film Festival.

The film stars Tom Adams as Victor and Jodi Russell as Anna, a violent drug dealer and his much abused wife. What starts off as a whirlwind romance, quickly becomes a dangerous trap. It also stars Margot Kidder ("Superman") as Victor's wheelchair bound sister, who holds a key to Victor's abusiveness.

Boise-based casting director Catrine McGregor also produced the film. It was shot totally in the Treasure Valley and also has appearances by some Boise actors.

The creative team is still in Houston as the festival wraps up on Sunday, with more awards being handed up this weekend. They are now looking for distribution, McGregor says. "We've got a buzz now and it's growing," she says.

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