More from Semanko: A tax day statement

A busy week on the Norm Semanko media front.

Today, as the federal income tax deadline nears, the state GOP chairman marked the occasion with the following statement:

“I have one question on Tax Day: would you like to pay more of your hard-earned money to the government next year, or would you like to pay less? President Obama wants you to pay more so he can continue funding his wasteful, misguided pet projects like Solyndra, and ridiculous government junkets.

“Republicans believe Idaho families know best when it comes to how they should spend their money, but President Obama and Democrats believe government knows best. This fundamental disagreement cannot be understated.

President Obama’s budget would increase taxes on Americans by $1.9 trillion. This kind of extreme proposal shows what little regard the president has for your hard-earned dollars. It’s time to put real leadership in the White House, someone who believes that Idaho families know better than the government when it comes to spending their money.”

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The new guy?

This guy writes like a Statesman pro.

Referencing Solyndra when their CFO (that's Chief FINANCIAL Officer Norm) is an Idaho "family" person and "likely" Republican support is just numb-skull.

"Idaho families know better..."
Not that Idaho family- Bill Stover. Former Micon money man too.


And how well has Semanko spent his own money?

I guess, not him either.

Hey Norm,

I think Idahoans already know a little about "wasteful-ridiculous government junkets."
In case you have forgotten, check with Ron Crane about his New York junket. Then there is Otter and crew, you know ridiculous junkets to Cuba,(Fidel's Lil'Ol' Cowboy) China (sold sum hay and put one more hay hand to work)and now back over there again for some more "serious"business dealings for the good of all Idahoans.
Semanko, you might want to clean up the waste and the ridiculous in Idaho before you start at the national level.


Anything this guy says is suspect to begin with. He is as crooked as the day is long and the days are getting loooonger.

A refund Norm?

Norm, I'm a Republican. I've contributed thousands to the Party over the years. After watching my Party in Idaho defund pubic education, take "baby steps" toward Ethics Legislation, deep six the Cronin Bill that would have protected Idaho Citizens specific to the for-profit education problem......I would like my money back. Please refund it promptly. All politics are local, Norm. I won't vote for a fellow Republican in the next election locally or nationally.

Semanko is simply a GOP

Semanko is simply a GOP stoog who believes his own lies.

Governments use taxes to encourage economic growth, maintain a stable currency, build and maintain large dependable highway systems, airports, seaports, energy distribution and communication systems and educate a populace.

The wealthy and corporations use it all to earn extreme profits and yet they don’t pay their fair share of taxes to contribute to collective good of our nations continued success and future.

Semanko supports that.......!

Stop reacting to GOP the fear mongering and opinion based facts of the fake GOP moral high ground.

educate yourself stop the tax ignorance………tax ignorance makes it hard to discuss and enact sound tax policies, we are not able to raise money in the fairest and most efficient manner possible.

In ten years of republican controlled governance they wiped out a surplus, created a huge debt,destroyed American jobs took our homes, stole our savings and our tanked economy.

Instead of maintaining our infrastructure, we are consuming it. Instead of investing in education and research with an eye to later wealth, we’re allowing austere GOP measures to cut our way to a poorer future.

Thanks Semanko

some cents

Wow there might be some hope here in Idaho with responsible people like this. It's time to remove the Republican leadership that has driven this state into a hole. For example, how'd you like the tax cut for the richest Idahoans the Republicans voted through, wow really? As Idahoans we could do so much great stuff if we worked together to rebuild the damage and restored our future.

Hey Norm!

Since you are such a bastion of fiscal responsibility, I think your payday lender is calling, as well as your mortgage lender. Now I realize you count on the 10 second attention span of your base, but seriously dude, how DO you say this crap and still sleep at night?

Hey debbie....

Did you attend the GSA paries in Vegas, Bermuda, Nampa (wine country in Calif) and Japan over the last 2 and 1/2 years? Now, those agencies know how to party! I guess they take their clue from the Big O. You know, the guy who spends our tax dollars and keeps wanting more. The big O is a complete disaster for this country. But I know the big O can count on your support and vote.

Inability to stay on topic is a reflection of your lack of

intelligence and ability to defend the statement at hand. Why are you a stooge for Norm? Can't think for yourself?

"No his mind is not for rent, to any god or government." Neil Peart

nope, I didnt attend and yes

nope, I didnt attend and yes I will be supporting our President. Im not an intellectual loser, and comprehend reality not what the crazies try to sell and the other crazies willingly buy.

Norm the skimmer of public funds .... Should we take his advice?

Norm Semanko also threatened to axe fellow republicans and urged them to Back Phil Hart during his campaigning efforts after "Norm the skimmer" thought that that Tina Jacobson, the chairwoman of the Kootenai County Republican Party and precint leaders Duane Rasmussen (Precint No. 19) and Fred Meckel (Precint No. 9) were unwilling and not participating in handing out Rep. Phil Hart's campaign literature door to door.

You know, the same Phil Hart that owes $550,000 in back taxes and the thief of public resources (stealing timber off state land) and criminal collusion (signing away his home to his then minor daughter in an effort to keep it from having a lien from the IRS) - what the feds are now calling a “fraudulent transfer” into a "sham entity trust". Hart also stopped filing federal income tax returns in 1996 and hasn't filed since.

Is Norm Semanko suggesting we all do the same? My oh my how would politicians get paid then?